VK proposal is a slam dunk

I thought about what BrkfldDad had mentioned. [I thought*] How would the Mayor have the City Attorney arrange this one? Then I saw the plan that was posted online and I had it: Don’t rezone anything near Calhoun. It would take a miracle to stop VK Development now. A business (possible) or the school district (unlikely) could protest, but I doubt either would happen.

The lower right corner which will keep Ruby Farm intact will obliterate the hope for neighborhood influence. VK will draw the CSM (Certified Survey Map) so that the farm is a separate parcel. Only the interior will be rezoned.

How’s that for planning, Brookfield?

I have to play taxi, but tonight I’m going to compare this draft with what’s currently zoned. It won’t do any good of course. This is over. But, at least we’ll know the losses in real terms.

*Update – I worded this poorly. My thoughts were separate from BrkfldDad’s previous comment that it might pass easily.


  1. Cindy (and concerned Brookfield residents),

    Here’s the problem(s):

    1. Ruby Farms is located in-between probably two of the top three most-heavily traveled roads in Waukesha County: Bluemound Road and Interstate 94.

    2. The guy that wants this built is the hometown developer. From personal experience, the City typically allows the hometown guy more wiggle room with projects.

  2. Lucky Lady says:

    Greg, first, the DOT insists there will be no interchange at Calhoun. That puts all the new traffic on over-burdened Blue Mound and soon-to-be overburdened city street, Calhoun Rd.

    Second, this City NEVER allows the hometown residents any wiggle room. That’s also from personal experience. All we can do is fight to the bitter end.