Blogging red, white and blue

And so it begins. I thought about installing a live blogging plug in, but I don’t want technical surprises. There will be lots of posts today. If you’ve missed things, start at the bottom and work up. You may have to click previous entries – I will set the software to allow more posts to a page, though. Hope it helps.

I received an e-mail asking if I’ve been “hijacked–or something.” Don’t worry. I’m still very right of center. This is an amazing opportunity if it all works out. I’ve always been pretty independent about my decision making process, going to a Democrat’s rally is an extension of that.

There’s a little fear that it was all a mix up and they’ll point me to the exit. I still have a regular ticket just in case, but I wouldn’t have wi-fi or the chance to bring my computer.

So how did this all come about? Blame my friend. He’s the one that suggested I fill out the online request. What the heck, I figured. I typed it all in and was very upfront that my media outlet was “” When I received the e-mail saying I was all set I called to double check. (I know, completely type-A.) A pleasant young woman answered the press center phone. “I need to verify that this is ok,” I said. “I’m a one-woman show with under a thousand readers.”

No problem she replied. They had room and would be glad to accommodate me.

I spent the rest of the evening on two tasks: trying to set credentials with the two other candidates visiting this week and pouring through campaign sites and political news articles trying to do a little pre-writing. This stuff is work!

Time to get the day started…