Clinton fires first negative attack ad

Sure enough there were half a dozen people at the parking entrance holding “debate now” signs when I drove by at 10:30 a.m. They were gone a half hour later.

If you watched it, I think you’ll agree the ad isn’t that aggressive. Both candidates are scheduled to speak Saturday night at the Wisconsin Democratic Party Founder’s Day Gala.


  1. She debates well, no doubt. The amount of information at her command is impressive. That said, it is interesting that she wants a debate now. Last week she didn’t seem interested in us, only in Texas and Ohio. Now that the pressure is mounting, we count a little more!

    I think we’ve had ample opportunities to watch them debate. Have another right now–or not–is tactical rather than informative.

  2. I love watching these developments. She’s lost momentum and perhaps the nomination, going on the attack, even if not aggressively can only help not hurt. But the arguments in the ad are so small, compared to the grand scheme of things. And, I don’t think it’s just me, the debates end up being a bunch of hot air posturing, subtle innuendo, outright distortions and in reality free advertising for both candidates – little substance, all marketing. Wait, maybe that’s it, she wants to debate because she’s run out of money!

  3. Shawn Matson says:

    I think this is much more about free press for a cash-strapped campaign than anything else.

  4. Shawn Matson says:

    And Dan, Global Warming is characterized by more polar weather patterns, not just an overall warming.


    MANY scientists are stating that same opinions as this man. The reality seems to be that by claiming humans are causing global warming, especially CO2 emissions, the UN will be able to enact taxes on the industrialized nations and distribute it to third world countries…after they take their cuts of course. It’s all a big scam!

  6. Shawn Matson says:

    Nope I never said that. What I said is that, “Global Warming is characterized by more polar weather patterns, not just an overall warming.”

    I didn’t say anything about the weather we’re having now. Good try.

    And I didn’t say voting democrat is an eco-concious decision. That came from out of left field, dude. Voting for eco-concious people is an eco-concious decision.

    Why do you think I campaigned for Nader last time? I probably shouldn’t have told you that…

    It just so happens that most Democrats I know are a smidgen more eco-concious than their R counterparts. You can’t really argue against that.

    McCain does have a fairly acceptable environmental stance (or he did until he had to run right).

    To paraphrase Dory from the movie Finding Nemo: “Just keep spinning, just keep spinning, just keep spinning…”