It takes about 7 minutes for Obama to exit

Most of the crowd is gone before he leaves.


In only 15 minutes the building is pretty empty. Makes me think I overestimated the crowd earlier. The staff is retrieving a firm number. The word is 1750. Hmmm…

Have to hand it to the guy, though. He stumped in Waukesha County which historically votes 2 to 1 on the Republican side. I think it was even named the 2nd or 3rd most Republican county in the nation a couple of elections ago.

He’s got something, but it’s not the rock star status that had been suggested. The crowd was polite, and bright, and young, but they seemed to lack the ability to flow with the candidate.


  1. Shawn Matson says:

    He does better in bigger venues, i think. I could tell watching the live stream that it was a little off.

  2. I think the situation is a bit off in general.

    Obama, a Democrat, is in Waukesha for a town hall meeting. Heck, I’d have to congratulate him for getting the amount he did.

    I believe we have to look at the location of this event that Cindy covered and take that into strong consideration.

    Right now the JS is reporting that Obama’s Racine event is booked – 1750 people. Racine is obviously more Democratic than Waukesha…well…what city in Wisconsin ISN’T more Democratic than Waukesha? 🙂

  3. Shawn Matson says:

    Well to be fair, Waukesha is a Democratic city, Waukesha COUNTY isn’t.

  4. Kelly Frank says:

    He was great in Racine! I would agree that his time was not as electric as the previous time I saw him (Los Angeles last spring right after he announced his candidacy), but he was still inspiring. The exhaustion and stress that these candidates are working under must be crushing, but they are able to keep up their energy pretty well.

    The Racine event also cleared out quickly and it was a packed house as well. Those who stuck around after were in a cluster around him trying to snap a picture, shake his hand, or simply get a glimpse of him up close. I think that he was received incredibly well during the event, so I don’t think that the room clearing out afterwards had anything to do with his performance. Just that most of us waited outside for up to 2 hours in 20 degree weather, in addition to the waiting time inside. Our time committed to the event was already approaching 5 hours, it was dinner time and everyone was hungry.

    I’d do it again in a heartbeat! Go Obama!!

  5. Jim Doyle just called Hillary a hypocrite for attacking Obama for not debating when she hasn’t even been in the state yet. Maybe the guy has a spine after all!?!?!?

  6. lol

  7. Ok. You two are having fun without me!

    I really don’t get Hillary’s angle here. I think this is about as hard as we’ll see her hit, though. I do believe a woman is labeled if she dares to do more.

  8. Kelly Frank says:

    From my position, it seems to be an attempt by Hillary to get free air time. She’s not here asking to go on the air with a debate. She’s in another more “important” state and the only thing that will get her here is participating in a free debate? I think that if she was involved in the state, then I would probably see her point that she wants to do it and he doesn’t want to. If they were both already heavily campaigning in the same state and one wouldn’t participate, then I would share in the feeling a little “miffed” as your students do. My problem is that our state is not worth enough in her mind for her to be here to be campaigning already.

    I would also imagine that this is a strategic act on his part. She is short on cash, he’s not. She needs the free air time, he does not. He’s getting top billing on all election news here (in terms of democrats) because he is HERE!

    I think that it is clear who I support in this primary, so take my opinion with whatever grain of salt you wish. If she becomes the nominee (not an outcome I would want, and am working all weekend to help make sure she doesn’t win here), I would have a very bitter taste in my mouth that MY vote didn’t count enough for her to have been here to win me over the first time.

  9. Oh, there is significant strategy involved indeed. Kelly, you do a great job of lining some of it up. I think Obama is making exactly the right response. He doesn’t need the air time to win here.

    Wisconsin would have fun with feeling a little more important and seeing a debate, but I don’t think it’s going to change anyone’s mind.

    I’m trying to think what would sway independent voters in the next couple of days. I think it might be a little dangerous for McCain to be roaming the state as an heir apparent. In most independent Wisconsin voter minds they are trying to decide between three candidates, not two. Once they vote for someone it could stick through the final election.

    May have to write more about that…