Managing the crowd

I’d say there are less than a thousand here. The seats are tight and to the center. You can bet you won’t see this long shot in the MSM pics:



  1. Nice photo from a low-level political hack with an agenda.

    Framing the photo the way the mainstream media and the right-wing frame the agenda.

    Who was it that said: “Never trust a cynic with a camera”?

    “…evenhanded manner” – what a joke.

    I was at the event today with a couple co-workers and family members. Your comments and photo appear to be intentional distortions.

    Obama had good-sized crowd of mixed ages with enthusiastic support. He gave a thoughtful and well-delivered talk without a tele-prompter or apparent notes. He answered, at length, several questions from the audience.

    He seems to be a competent and thoughtful candidate with a reasonably clear message for voters. I doubt I agree with him on all issues and I can understand having differences.

    What I don’t understand are your petty, partisan comments.

    Do Republicans actually hate people? – or just poor people? Someone (not I) asked that question in Yahoo Questions a while back and it was deleted because a sufficient number of people found it too “offensive”! (You can read the first page of responses by clicking on Google’s “cached” link.) That question prompted a reasonably thoughtful debate. I did not participate.

    That was an example of “framing” by the Yahoo questioner. Perhaps unfair also.

    Let’s discuss “framing” since you appear to be a photographer you may appreciate this.

    The term “Death Tax”:

    It was previously called an “Estate Tax” but the Right Wing and Corporate MainStreamMedia are only too willing to make it appear to be taxing the deceased or the act of dying itself . Statistics, only recently published, have shown Republicans, on average, live two years longer, attributable to their determined avoidance of the “Death Tax”.

    OK – I fabricated that statistic. It’s actually Canadians who, on average, live two years longer than Americans. Canada has a single payer (government) health care system where people are free to choose their own doctors and hospitals. They spend less than half, per person, on health care. They cover everyone.

    1.) Half.
    2.) Two Years Longer.
    3.) Everyone.
    Any questions?

    Of course everyone is familiar with these FACTS given the “liberal media’s” constant repetition of them.

    Canadians waiting in lines?
    Tell that to a co-worker’s child who needed oral surgery with a precautionary biopsy to follow. Six weeks later the HMO “approved” the surgery. What about follow-up x-rays to verify bone healing? Not Covered. Only in America…

    Obama forgot to mention that. He wants to keep the insurance corporations in business – skimming one third of what Americans spend on “Healthcare”. That is quite an “administrative expensive”.

    There’s nothing like having a tall stack of medical bills to sort through. It helps a person take her mind off the cancer.

    In closing – thanks for having your comments open.

    one more thought –

    What was the dollar amount that Obama quoted for the baby’s portion of our national debt? (the “Birth Tax”)

    ok, two more –

    Wasn’t it “W” who asked the voters in 1999… – “Whose money is it anyway?” – while promising tax cuts.

    Someone might ask:

    “Whose deficit is it? ”

    “Whose national debt? ”

    Must be those minimum-wage earners and babies not contributing their fair share. Slackers!

    I like the “boats” photo. A recent vacation?

  2. A little meandering from an anonymous wimp.

    Boats are Clare Island, Ireland, April 2007

    Hy, what good is the press if they only show what you want them to show?

  3. By the way, I think the number Obama used for the baby was $33,000. I could be wrong – I can listen to it again if it’s important to you. I agreed with him on a couple of issues.

    The photo is important, though. It shows how even the MSM is helping fabricate a candidate’s success (I’m sure this isn’t the only time this week a photo like this one could be taken!) by showing only what is understood may be shown. There was probably a 20 foot radius against the wall that didn’t have chairs. It was roped off and the chairs tightly placed in the center of the room for maximum effect.

    Find a picture of McCain doing the same thing and I’ll be glad to post it, too. American deserves to know that things aren’t always what they seem when it comes to the campaign trail.

  4. Shawn Matson says:

    They showed the empty on the CNN live stream. Both times I saw him the room was packed so far to capacity it was beyond belief.

    The 2nd time in Chicago, the fire marshal kicked a bunch of people out.

    That said, I wasn’t really “offended” by the photo…but i wouldn’t venture into saying that the Mainstream Media won’t show it.

    To be fair, there was less than 24 hour notice before this event.

  5. Shawn Matson says:

    And Cindy, drop the act. We know you use those boats to help bring in illegal aliens and narcotics from south of the border.

    We won’t tell if you slice us into the profit.

  6. You’re funny, Shawn!