Number 4 – from Sheboygan

Will Obama support term limits for Congress?

He quips that he was afraid the gentleman was going to ask to lift the term limit for Bush.

Obama says not really. He thinks term limits sound appealing but haven’t really worked as well as might have been considered. He is willing to do REAL campaign finance reform which would help considerably.

Oh, be still my racing heart. It’s like he listened in on the morning call I had with a girlfriend yesterday. If he means it, cool. He needs to do more than talk about it.

He draws the crowd in with another anecdote about McDonald’s and Applebees. I’ll try to elaborate later.

It’s really hard to not like this guy. I was afraid he’d be all about the message, but he’s showing more resilience than I expected.

Obama claims he started a database that will line up spending and lobbyists. I have to look for that.

He almost lost the crowd with a little too much talk.