Oh, it took a couple of minutes, but the Bush bashing has begun

He’s not as blatant as H. Clinton when she’s stumping, but it’s not exactly fun to witness.

He starts into a bit about the war, but switches focus when a couple in the crowd start clapping on a side comment about the people serving in the war. It’s a bit of a change in the planned speech and you can feel it.

On to health care – he is going to subsidize those who need it. He wants to reduce premiums for a family by $2,500 a year if you already have health care. He says it’s a first year goal.

Income disparity is next. Bashing the wealthy – boos from the audience. He says we have twice as many long-term unemployed in this recession than the last. (I haven’t heard the R word formally declared in the markets yet.)

“President Bush has said, ‘My only agenda is to make the wealthy people wealthier.'” Oh, I don’t think so.

Obama says John McCain has taken him on for economic planning. He acknowledges it’s a nod to his inevitable candidacy.