The sign lady is here

Ah, they must have heard from the bus. The signs are being distributed to the crowd. Alternating red and blue they say “Change we can believe in” and “Stand for change.”

I’m a little weary of the change platform everyone is ushering through the primary. Change is happening on the basis of a two-term president stepping aside. I’m not sure it means much.

The traveling press are straggling in. “Straggly” is an operative word with this crowd. A little too much time on the bus…

Update – a little lull here, so I’ll type some more. One of the funniest things I saw this primary was the raw feed for a John McCain speech after a win in the East. I had a friend in the crowd, so I tuned in to CNN online. You knew McCain was on the way when the little American flags came out. They were sent through the crowd by the dozens. I had a good 10 minutes of entertainment watching two guys try to get rid of their extras.

Did I mention the music is a little, underwhelming? The sound is great, but the mix is a little, ok, I’ll say it – lame.