Elmbrook contract with architect, construction manager

One of the continuing concerns surrounding the upcoming Elmbrook $62.2 million referendum is the priority already given to one architect and one construction manager. There is a continuing question, can we get out of these contracts and start from scratch?

Short answer: yes, but it will cost you.

Both contracts are laden with clauses that guarantee payment for the time already committed to the project. In the case of architects Plunkett Raysich that could be a serious chunk of change. The contract with them was signed in January of 2003 or about 5 years ago.

It might not be too expensive to end the contraction manager contract with C. G. Schmidt. That contract was signed (I hope you are sitting down) April 3, 2007.

Yep, you read that correctly. The contract with the construction manager committing the district to millions in expense was signed the day of the last referendum vote. Elmbrook Superintendent Matt Gibson is on record saying post vote that he didn’t think the referendum would pass. Why then, did he have Asst. Superintendent Bob Borch sign the agreement on the day of the vote?

The district finally has the high school referendum page started.