Surfing the Web on taxpayer’s dime?

Imagine that happening. It’s almost as bad as someone managing his/her blog while taxpayers are funding his/her salary.

See the report on Waukesha County from TMJ4. The City of Milwaukee and Kenosha County didn’t offer the records requested.

We’ve recently learned the state doesn’t either.

There’s an update on the Fischer issue that I’ll post after dinner and dishes.


  1. Ah, but there’s a difference between “didn’t offer the records requested” and saying the records don’t exist!

  2. True. I think what was interesting from watching the news report was the counties and the city kept track of internet usage, but the state evidently does not.

  3. I don’t have as big a problem with it with a salaried person. That way they have to get the work done, no matter how much time they waste.

    For instance, I like to take a break at school…check my e-mail, etc. and then be able to work a little longer. It breaks up the day.

  4. Wow – hard hitting journalism at it’s best.

    One official spent his time on social networking sites? Pshaw! Nevermind the fact that social networking sites have become the de-facto communication medium for an entire generation. Granted, that generation is young and their ideas are evidentially worthless – just ask Shawn.

    Give me a break. This debate has been going on since the mid-90’s . I’m with Shawn, if they are salaried and they are getting their job done, who cares? Obviously if they are updating the blog on their campaign site, or surfing porn, then yeah, there is room for criticism. The guy checking on his rental property (technically a business) is a little gray to me. If he was booking reservations and such, I’d say that is conducting business on county resources. We wouldn’t allow him to have a storefront in his office/cubical. If he is looking to see how many reservations he needs to process when he gets home or whether he has time to attend an event that evening is probably not worth sweating over.

  5. I think a number of the employees found in the TMJ4 records are hourly.

  6. Then it’s unacceptable.