Brookfield council set to rezone for Fountain Brook Crossing

Ordinance rezoning certain properties located at the northeast corner of the intersection of Greenfield Avenue and Moorland Road from “B-3” Regional Business District to “PDD” Planned Development District-General Plan (Commercial) No. 15 for the purpose of constructing “Fountain Brook Crossing”, an approximate 127,000 sq. ft. commercial building with partially depressed parking structure.

Here are the minutes from the Plan Commission. Mayor Jeff Speaker loved it. 2nd district candidate Jennifer Donze loved it. 2nd district incumbent Rick Owen loved it. (Told you there’s no difference in these two.) It was a unanimous approval. The Mayor built consensus in favor of the developer. Oh, well there’s a surprise.

Let’s see what the council thinks. Consensus there, too? Remember Director of Community Development Dan Ertl admits the planning isn’t finished for the area. The developer admits it will be a long time before the project gets underway.


  1. I moved into the Town in 1974 and into the City in 1988. It just keeps getting more and more commercial. Somehow the city gets permission to build on wetlands and the quality of life is certainly not enhanced. I sure wouldn’t call this a “bedroom community” anymore. I just don’t understand why our city leaders are hell-bent on all the commercial development…and I don’t want to hear how good it is for property taxes! Speaker is such a disappointment to me!

  2. Lucky Lady says:

    Second District residents should take notice that Aldermanic candidate Jennifer Donze and current Alderman Rick Owen both love the Fountain Brook Crossing proposal. It makes no difference that it requests rezoning for numerous issues such as height, density, close to roads, etc. Now is the time for the 2nd district to make some changes if they don’t like what is happening in Brookfield. They can vote for change on Tuesday.