Brookfield’s Daytime Population Report

It looks to be a busy day since there are still a few things on the list I gave you earlier this week. Better get started!

The City of Brookfield has done a couple of daytime population reports. The most recent was presented to the Common Council last week. I first received a copy several months ago from Director of Community Development Dan Ertl when the draft was going to the Economic Development Committee. Fortunately, assistant Pat Drinan saw fit to e-mail an electronic version, and you can read along.

If you’ve been following the decision to relocate two Brookfield fire stations,you know I was not happy about the fake report that an alderman used for influence. I continue to argue that night time (aka voter) numbers were used along with some questionable statistical methods to prove nothing. This daytime report, prepared by the Department of Community Development, shows how wrong it is to move the stations from their current location.

The report suggests that more than 80,000 people are in Brookfield during the day. It also concedes that most of those people are concentrated in areas east of Calhoun Road. Reading the report one can easily deduce that the two fire stations are in great locations for the majority of the calls they receive.

Ignoring daytime population for the fire station decision is a little detail that at least one alderman is having trouble admitting. Someone asked him a few days ago if he really left out daytime numbers. He couldn’t admit the answer: yes, he refused to use daytime population estimates because those numbers didn’t support Mayor Jeff Speaker’s need for more voters.

As they say, where there’s smoke, there’s fire. Just don’t expect a quick response if you’re in Brookfield’s most populated daytime areas.