CFSW Inc. officers

Citizens for a Safe Wisconsin, Inc. is a 501(c)4 organization based in Franklin, Wisconsin. The group is “run by volunteers and dedicated to improving social welfare in the State of Wisconsin by advocating for tougher sex offender laws and management programs in an effort to better Wisconsin’s citizens.”

They are hosting a $50/person fund raiser on February 29th where The Boogie Men will headline. For more information head to their Web site. You should know that contributions are NOT tax deductible. Kevin Fischer, aide to State Senator Mary Lazich, will act as Master of Ceremonies. Lazich has supported the group’s purpose through her legislative votes.

A week ago I asked for more details about the group. I was told to get information from the state records. I did. Here are the officers listed on a report dated May 2007:

President : Sandy Maher-Johnson, 7804 Stonewood Circle, Franklin 53132
Vice President: John Pellman, 631 N. Mayfair Rd., Wauwatosa 53226
Vice President: Ruzica Bartoshevich, 8324 S. 68th St., Franklin 53132
Secretary: Shari Hanneman, 3926 Maplecrest Dr., Franklin 53132
Assistant Secretary: Tamara Grobschmidt, 8320 River Terrace Dr., Franklin 53132
Treasurer: Tony Martinez, 8036 W. Lake Pointe Dr., Franklin 53132

The organization is not registered with the state to lobby according to the ethics site. It looks like Maher-Johnson testified before a state committee once. I’m told that after four appearances one is required to register. Please let me know if other testimonies have taken place.

Later tonight I’ll get to the piece on Stealth PACs. “Stealth PAC” is the term sometimes used for 501(c)4 and 527 organizations.

Update – it’s gonna be tomorrow. Marquette basketball is on!


  1. Oh dear, all those names in print… I can hear Robert Charles coming now, the guardian of all that is obvious and public.

  2. Heh…God bless open records.

    I’m sure Robert Charles, Esquire will join us shortly to level attacks for “outing” CFWS’s board members and thus exposing them to danger.

  3. Actually, I would have probably kept that information in my pocket until I had further information. While it does smell and look and sound suspicious from a distance, I would wait for some solid evidence. But that’s just me.

  4. Capper, no motive. I didn’t know who they are, and now I do, so I thought I’d share. It’s probably the last thing I’ll need to post about CFSW. They may like to cloak themselves in mystery, but they evidently don’t do much except ask for money.

  5. A non Y Moose says:

    Do you feel it was necessary to post the addressees?
    I am not aware of that being generally available on the internet.

    Would it be appropriate for me to post information about you that I know?

    i.e.; private information that I have public access to ?

    I’m sure you will have a witty response….. But I would appreciate a direct answer to my question…
    Should I post personal info about you… after all it’s public information?

  6. Ugh, same old argument…AGAIN.

    Sorry I’m not thrilled about the substance of this. We’ve discussed the issue of address publishing last week.

    I’m glad to see who’s on the BoD, however. It actually gives me a vibe to know that I’ve talked to the Secretary and Treasurer in recent days – naturally the Secretary’s the one that had to say that arrogant thought of me not caring about children…

    Oh well! Now I want to know where Alderman Steve Olson is with this organization – he sures represents it well enough, if not more so than his own Aldermanic District. 🙁

  7. A non Y Moose says:

    Greg you said “Ugh, same old argument…AGAIN.
    Sorry I’m not thrilled about the substance of this. We’ve discussed the issue of address publishing last week.”

    Would you appreciate me posting private info that I have dug up on you and your family?
    Please let me know.

  8. Greg, I’m so sorry, but while I was deleting comment spam this morning I accidentally deleted your last comment. I think it was “she didn’t exactly dig up anything…” or something close.

    Dear brave friend A non Y Moose: a few people in Franklin need to come to terms with their unique dichotomy. They can’t seem to resolve “Help me! I’m going to save the world!” and “Don’t tell anyone who I am!” You want a straight forward answer? The group is attempting to raise thousands from the people of Wisconsin. These individuals don’t have a right to hide behind anonymity when the information provided is a legitimate public record.

    Before you go “digging up” anything keep in mind the law sets limits. If you aren’t familiar with those limits you might ask someone who is before you put anything out there. I can promise you won’t be using this Web site to do it.

  9. Scott Thinnes says:

    I think I can see the gun barrel…oh yes, there it is. Is that smoke?

    What a waste!!

    Cindy (Re Fisher) “I’ve decided to not follow up on that. I’d be happy to turn my research over to anyone who wants to pursue the matter.”

    (Re CFSW) “I didn’t know who they are, and now I do, so I thought I’d share. It’s probably the last thing I’ll need to post about CFSW.”

    Apparently, you like to light the fuse and run… Try not to trip over Greg as you make your escape.

    And what happened to Linda Richter’s meeting with CFSW? Haven’t heard a word. He she having trouble lighting her match?

  10. Well Scott, if I push either of these issues I don’t think you’d be happy. If I don’t pursue the issues you say I like to “light the fuse and run.” Since you are critical either way, I can’t say I’m going to lose sleep over your opinion. I do appreciate that you post using your name.

  11. Cindy you are not pushing either of these issues because no “issue” exsists. You wanted to know who sat on the board now you do. I think it is rather ungracious of you to comment that this group doesn’t do anything just because you didn’t find them doing anything unethical or illegal as you were so hoping. The veil has been lifted Cindy your true motives have been revealed. You aren’t looking to uncover the truth you are trying to drum up trouble for people. When you can’t you move on. So move on Cindy.

    Scott, love your comments you are absolutely correct.

  12. Move on. Funny you should mention that…

  13. Oh gosh, Cindy you are so clever when someone else is right and you are wrong. Pathetic. I will move on, but when I see you out of your cage I may have to return.

    Have a great weekend!

  14. I don’t know, Cindy – you look like you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place.

    They don’t want you to keep going with this (against kids motto), but then when you decided to hang up the hat (so-to-speak), they criticize.

    It seems this is the scenario on both issues that relate to Franklin in some form.

    So I’d like to know: Do they want to have Cindy keep going with this or not? Because if they don’t, then maybe keeping the mouth shut on this one would have been the wiser decision.

  15. Greg
    Don’t confuse the issue. I never said anything about being against the kids so don’t throw out buzz phrases that mean nothing. My issue with Cindy is that she brings things up trying to cause trouble. She was hoping to find some huge story with Fischer and with this group and didn’t find anything. She basically admitted as much to all of us. Greg you and I agree on one thing it would have been a wise decision to keep ones mouth shut.

  16. I was publicly curious, and my questions were finally answered. It all took a whole lot longer than I expected, but it’s done. What is it about Franklin? You guys don’t seem to care for questions you can’t control.

    If you have an “issue” with me, that’s fine. Don’t expect to get to ramble about it on my dime for days, though. I suggest you get it out of your system and as you say – move on.

  17. “Do you feel it was necessary to post the addressees?
    I am not aware of that being generally available on the internet.”

    A non Y Moose, it may not be “generally available” on the internet, but it’s generally available to anyone who’s inclined to make an effort to get it. It’s public record, and as such I don’t see the problem with Cindy posting it. Transparency is always a good thing, whether in our government or in those groups attempting to influence our government.

  18. It is out of my system. I am VERY pleased with the turn of events. It is your friend Greg that suggested everyone shut their mouths and I do agree with him. I didn’t realize I was on your dime. Thought I was in a free exchange of ideas and opinons you so love. You sure are getting testy about this. Didn’t mind talking for days and days on the other blogs when you thought things were going your way. I digress, it is your blog and I leave you to it. Have fun.

  19. Thank you. I will.

  20. Thanks for morphing my words out of context, Erin.

  21. She does that a lot, doesn’t she? It kind of blows any chance she might have had for credibility.

    (Oh, I’m sure I’ll get an earful now…)

  22. Wow, where did that Erin come from? Someone is turning rocks over again. I bet she and Scott are dating…or worse!

  23. Oh, by the way. I think Seymour is related to that rascally rabbit Seymour Hare.