The City of Brookfield’s new colonnade

Remember? It’s part of the construction project to go along with the new City Hall facade.

Buried in the city’s Web site we find the reason for needing the expensive remodel as explained by coordinator and Director of Administration Dean Marquardt:

Mr. Marquardt said the purpose of the addition and interior renovation to City Hall is to address three goals. One of the most critical goals is to improve circulation and reduce confusion for citizens finding departments. It will also help staff in providing direction to people who enter from the clock tower or from the south entrance to find other departments. The second goal is to provide for identified Homeland Security needs. The City has done an analysis, along with people from the Homeland Security Department, and there are some deficiencies in the way the different and various departments are set up. With common corridor access in the south wing, some open concepts need to be addressed. The third goal is to provide additional conference rooms and interior circulation for staff and visitors once they come into the various departments. Today, if a developer comes in to meet with staff, meetings are held in conference rooms off a public hallway which may hinder confidential discussions.

That’s what you read…Homeland Security.

I know I feel so much safer now. How about you?