Uh-oh. Hemlines are lower.

You know what that means. Or NOT!


  1. Seymour Butts says:

    No, what does it mean?

  2. In general there’s a correlation between recession and longer skirt lengths. It doesn’t make sense because it takes more fabric to make a longer skirt, and more fabric should cost more.

    The article says that there were one or two fashion designers with longer lengths, but plenty of shorter skirts make at least one observer think long skirts were not going to be a trend.

    Read more about it.

  3. From what I can tell, designers are looking back to a better time–a nostalgic look at when we were more economically secure. Thus, the styles of the 50’s are coming back. The fitted Jackie O dresses that go past the knee are coming back.

    I think it’s great, I love the classic look.

  4. Groan. That’s because you don’t have to wear it, Shawn! That look doesn’t make wearing fashion easy for every body.

    Give me jeans and a hoodie any day…

  5. I tend to like formal more than not

  6. Seymour – I just got it. (Thanks to another reader…) I guess it means you’ll see less with lower hemlines.

    The name didn’t phase me because I honestly had a teacher in junior high named Butts. She changed in in 9th grade to Creswell.