VK Development and the quest for condos

This week Brookfield residents learned that VK Development wants permission to build more condos in Brookfield. Current zoning for the land at Bluemound and Calhoun allows a generous 159 units of multi-family. The company wants 212, or 33% more.

A subsidiary of VK Development, Capitol Heights Center LLC, has a few condos they’ve never been able to sell. The project built 20 units in 2003 at the corner of Capitol and Calhoun. Today the Waukesha County land records show 6 of the 20 are sold.

There are more “luxury” apartment-style condos being built at Capitol and Calhoun by another developer. I suppose they will sit empty, too.

By the way, VK Development also wants 528,500 square feet of new office space. Insiders convey that about 50% of the space he has on Capitol Drive near Brookfield Road is currently vacant.


  1. You’ve been told it’s sold? Details, please.

  2. Uh, Dan, it’s still going up as I understand it…it’s been under construction for over a year now.

    My proposal is to clearcut and set a 3-lane road up to his house, demolish BEHS and BCHS and there we have our new high school!

  3. Dan, did you know he was building that for himself, it wasn’t some spec build?

  4. Because it’s bigger than the white house campus

  5. Tax records show Vince and Geeta still own the place – partial assessment was $1.147 million.

    What’s more interesting is that Culvers franchise owner and Brookfield developer Brian Schecterle has bought the acre to the west for $425,000. He currently has a million dollar home about a half mile south in Vincent Park.

    Both are guy-pals of Mayor Jeff Speaker and his campaign account.

  6. I’d like to make an observation…Cindy left BrookfieldNow and it has basically died while her new blog is thriving. Shawn left BrookfieldNow with a sad “goodbye” and his new website is dyingwith only two comments…both from Cindy. Now Shawn lives on Cindy’s website. Are you two in cahoots?

  7. We have been for years El gato. It’s no secret that I am a good acquaintance of Shawn’s. (Though not related as one alderman claimed a couple of years ago…) He’s been commenting here for a long time – like a whole month!

    His new site is a few days old. Aren’t you jumping to judgment?

  8. Nope! I was just making an observation. Okay, okay, I admit I was making a little jab about who has the following. I’ll go stand in the corner for 15 seconds!

  9. I think the next apartment building VK puts up, should be in his back yard, as he feels these buildings are so wonderful for home owners out here, why not have one closer to himself? Why don’t we just rename out city VbrooKfield?

  10. I’d like to look at this place on Google satellite. Can anyone tell me what street it’s on?

  11. “view of Soerens Ford”

    Dan you are a hoot. I have often wondered why he thought that lot was a great location. If I had several million to spend on a 10,000 square foot house, that would NOT be my first choice in a location.

  12. Soerens Ford, the view would be so much better if Kate had her way. At one point she was on a march to elimnate all gas stations and car dealers from the city. When Soerens approached the city about a remodeling, they were told ‘sure, if you build a berm around your business so that it can’t be seen from VK’s business park’.

  13. They are two separate developments next two each other. Sendik’s is owned by the Thompson Corp., VK’s four buildings are next to that. Look on Google maps for 19435 W. Capitol Drive. Towne Center which houses Sendik’s is to the East in the corner.

  14. Giggles is moving into the Sendik’s Towne Centre, same building as North Star Bistro. I saw somewhere their rationale for why they moved there. It seemed pretty reasonable, but their lease rates there have to be a lot higher than Germantown, I hope they survive. The building they are is in the NW corner of Towne Centre, but it doesn’t show up yet on the satellite maps it’s that new.