Vote for Terry Halmstad

If you are a resident of the 2nd district in the City of Brookfield, I encourage you to vote for Terry Halmstad in Tuesday’s primary.

It looks like I’m not alone in my enthusiasm for Terry. Lucky Lady said in a comment earlier this evening:

Second District residents should take notice that Aldermanic candidate Jennifer Donze and current Alderman Rick Owen both love the Fountain Brook Crossing proposal. It makes no difference that it requests rezoning for numerous issues such as height, density, close to roads, etc. Now is the time for the 2nd district to make some changes if they don’t like what is happening in Brookfield. They can vote for change on Tuesday.

Terry and I have known each other for years through membership at St. Dominic Church. His youngest and my oldest graduated from East the same year. I really got to know Terry after several evenings where we shared a table keeping up with the Next Steps/High School Steering Team meetings the school district held.

Terry Halmstad is very capable. He has a great habit of digging up information on his own. He’s fed me some wonderful blog material over the last couple of years. More importantly, he thinks deeper than the surface on every issue we’ve ever discussed.

One Brookfield alderman is having a hissy fit because I asked Mr. Halmstad to run for office. Good grief. Jerry and Sandy Wolff’s daughter Robin Busalacchi asked me to run in 1998 while standing in the produce section of the grocery store. That’s what people do when they recognize capable leadership: ask them to serve.

By the way, Jerry Wolff, who was also a 2nd district alderman as well as a former City of Brookfield Chief of Police, endorses Halmstad as well.

If you want competent, caring representation out of the 2nd district that will monitor growth and development and always think beyond the information presented by the city staffers, Terry Halmstad is your choice.