Elmbrook will survey at polls tomorrow

Oh, right. The city gave them permission.

Read the whole babble from Elmbrook.

You know almost anything that comes out of Andy Smith, Director of whatever (PR?) at Elmbrook gives me the willies. How do you feel about being approached in your voting place for referendum propaganda – excuse me – inquiry.


  1. Until there is a clear presentation of the needs and those costs with just a resident population to compare with the ESB plans, I will NEVER vote “yes” because I am not able to determine what I am paying for above the needs.

  2. Why haven’t they simply mailed the survey out to all residents?

  3. I suspect it’s because there’s no captive audience. It would be expensive, too.

    For all they are putting into it they might has well hire another scientific survey. But then, the district completely whiffed the last one they did.

  4. They could simply include it in the next issue of the LINK

  5. No sign of any survey takers at District 5 at lunch time.