The latest on Kevin Fischer

Wigderson has this interesting perspective.


  1. Funny enough, I was thinking the same exact thing when it was announced.

    People are also noting other oddities on my blog.

  2. Cindy you really provide so much comic relief.

    I love how you and your friend get yourselves all excited pondering what this new expanded role could be or more did your pathetic attempt somehow get Mr. Fischer in hot water? It should provide some comfort for you that you and Greg are on the same wave length since he was thinking the exact same thing. Too funny. You know psychologists might be interested in studying why you are so fascinated in what Kevin Fischer does and your incessant need to blog about it.

    Thanks for the laugh to brighten up the rest of my afternoon.

  3. Good afternoon Miss Erin. Tell me, why doesn’t Maggie Milhouse come out to play anymore?

  4. I find Cindy so funny. I just can’t pull myself away. Always exciting to see what crazy stuff she comes up with next. I don’t think of it as contempt when I am thanking her for her efforts.

    Nice try Cindy keep guessing!

  5. You know, Janet Evans used to make comments under a bunch of different sign in names, too. Is it a Franklin thing?

  6. I love how you can accuse people of things without any proof. Did Janet Evans tell you she did that? Why would you think I am from Franklin? Oh that is right anyone that doesn’t agree with you must live in Franklin and be one person signing in under many different names. Face it you just have a lot of people that disagree with you. You are just once again throwing out accusations. That doesn’t work so well for you. Time to come up with something new.

    I find it so ironic that you were all in favor of open discussion on other community blogs, but on your own. You don’t seem to like it so much.
    I can see that it clearly makes you nervous that someone writes in that disagrees with you so I will try to be more careful in the future.

    I know how you crave the last word so I am done for now. Unlike you I say my peace and leave it.

  7. I haven’t blocked you, Maggie/Erin. You go ahead and discuss away. I don’t feel it’s fair for you to post under several identities in order to fake support for your opinions, that’s all.

  8. I’ll be curious to see what Kevin Fischer’s “big announcement” is.

    P.S. – Thanks for sending me the info Cindy; I’ve already started putting it to good use, and I’m waiting to hear back on the additional information I requested.

  9. He already made it Zach! See the Wiggy link above.

  10. I knew you needed to have the last word. Don’t worry about blocking me Cindy I highly doubt I will need to respond to you anymore. It simply isn’t worth my time. People like you seem to always self destruct so I will sit back and enjoy the crazy show.

  11. Oh, erin, you poor, poor naive little soul…

    If you only knew…

  12. She obviously doesn’t know that she’s not as anonymous as she wishes.

  13. So true Shawn! She kind of reminds me of the kids who place prank phone calls, but don’t know there is Caller ID and are amazed when you tell them you know who is calling!