A morning rally, and bits of babble

I’m going to try to go this morning. I know McCain’s headquarters visited the site after my request, but I don’t know if I’ll be able to take my computer in to the crowd. To be honest, if I can’t blog it I probably won’t stay. I am way past my groupie years.

Head out to vote sometime today. It will be a challenge because of all of the icy conditions we still have. I went out to snow blow the drive yesterday and darn near ended up sledding. I caved and determined the snow was the only thing providing traction for now.

City of Brookfield side streets are a mess. There’s really no other way to describe it. I’ve seen corners that pooled prior to freezing where there was two inches of ice or more. We may be dealing with this for a while. The forecast looks cold for the next few days.

The school district swears the surveys they’ll be handing out today don’t have anything to do with the referendum in April. Guess what? In my opinion, they don’t get to flush at CAO between now and April 1 without it being about the referendum. Also, the district will be paying someone to look at all of the surveys and determine “trends.” I do hope the district is prepared to admit their “trends” will be among those willing to respond. I think that can be fairly easily interpreted as those that already support the district’s efforts. The district still has an enormous credibility gap to jump with the majority of Elmbrook residents.

Speaking of credibility, Shawn Matson gives you a glimpse at what the students are discussing at Brookfield East. As I commented, I sent mine. Silly me, I thought I was special…


  1. My street is not that bad. Two families went out in the rain to dig out the storm drains. I’ve got some great neighbors.