Hey, kids

I’m home now and just went through the comments. It appears you all were having fun without me.

CJ asked if any city officials were there. I didn’t see any. I did run into 7th district Aldermanic candidate Tom Schellinger.

I want to finish out some of the stuff I have half written.

FYI – Newsday picked up a couple of things again. Here’s the Ron Paul wagon. I also sent a couple of photos of polling places.

Can you believe it’s in the 70’s in Hawaii, who is also voting today.


  1. Did anybody get a phone call from Hillary? I’ve heard from Huckabee, both Obama’s and one of their supporters, and McCain (I think–we’ve been talking about him so much it’s starting to blur.) No Hil?

  2. No, Ms. Clinton hasn’t called. I haven’t had any Dem calls, but Huckabee and McCain have been having a go here.

  3. Funny you should mention it. We got recorded calls from McCain, Huckabee, Barack Obama, Michele Obama and nothing from the Hill. That’s what happens when you take a state lightly and when you run out of money…

  4. Lucky Lady says:

    I haven’t heard from Hillary either. Maybe she knew she’d be wasting her money on me. I did hear from Hucklebee, McCain and also Thompson, Tommy, not Fred. he asked me to vote for his friend, John. I voted today. Have you?

  5. Yes, I have my sticker too.

    It came to me late, but I think we got a call from Chelsea Clinton several days ago–perhaps because we have a college student in the house.

  6. Dave Frank says:

    No one called me. I have to admit, I am feeling a little left out. Wow, Huckabee had calls going out but Hillary didn’t…that does not bode well for her.

  7. I suspect you’ll get more attention now that you’ve voted in a primary. From the little I know about the business, the calls go to “good” voters. I’m also on Republican lists, so I don’t get the Democrat calls, but probably get double my share of Republicans. I mean, how many times in two days can Mike Huckabee want to talk to me?

  8. I just got a real person GOTV call from Obama. I think it’s because I picked up tickets for last week’s rally.