In my next life…

I’m going to come back and do the music for these campaigns. You can tell that there is an odd sense of “don’t offend” to the mix. I’ve heard more than one Garth Brooks, and this Oklahoma girl would know.

It’s a little eerie being here. As a Brookfield home girl, this Sheraton holds significant memories.


There were seven people killed here about three years ago. I would have chosen the Sharon Lynne Wilson Center for this crowd. But then I’m just a housewife with an opinion.

There are about 300 or 350 here now. I’m the only one claiming a corner of the floor next to an electrical outlet.


  1. The middle schoolers have the Wilson Center stage now.

  2. Actually Cindy, not too worry it was’s the Wisconsin Room 3/4, which is in the west building in the back of the Sheraton complex. [See map.]

    We happened to have a company meeting there and one of my cohorts jokingly asked if this was the room, the hostess nonchalantly answered yes, noting the completely remodeled interior. I was creeped out for the next two days. In any case, I do find the Sheraton to be an odd place for a rally. But, if you don’t want to have it in a public building (a la what got Hillary in trouble), and you want to be in the middle of one of the strongest Republican bases in the nation, there aren’t a whole lot of choices for a large crowd, are there? Perhaps they saw you blog and didn’t want to do the Expo Center for fear of a less than capacity crowd!

    [edited to insert link]

  3. I think I’ll change browsers, I need that spell check…

  4. Ah, so no ballroom involvement. I can rest easier. By the way, the Sheraton lobby, etc., was much better than the exterior announced. I think the location had more to do with highway proximity and a quick trip to the airport.

    Yes, I love, love, love the Firefox browser El Gato got me started on a couple of months ago.

  5. Been on firefox for years now, it’s really wonderful. spell checker, quicker and less popups.