More regurgitated politics

CNN recently reported another speech of Barack Obama’s that matches an earlier version of Deval Patrick’s. It matters.

Not that it’s plagiarism. I think we’re beyond that – evidently the two share a political adviser, David Axelrod. What matters is that in a place where his unique rhetoric has been his campaign calling card, he’s showing an inability to be unique. I think it will cost him.

Instead of helping Hillary Clinton, though, I think the winner will be John McCain. Clinton’s campaign is bringing attention to these like-worded indiscretions. She’s holding the smoking gun. In a country where more and more voters are claiming their independence, I think they’ll swing to the right and avoid either of the Democratic candidates.


  1. Interesting thought. His speaking is very attractive, though I hope that is not the only reason people vote for him.

    Back in 2000 I couldn’t find a great deal of difference between the positions claimed by Gore and Bush. My choice came down to smart guy vs. guy with the smartest advisers.

    Maybe Obama is a smart guy with smart advisers. Or maybe this is the second co-presidency ticket in the Democratic race?

  2. Wait which one was which, Kathryn? LOL

  3. Isn’t that obvious by now? 😉