Question about the open primary

What about the cross-over votes to manage the competition?

Nah, he thinks people are going to vote for their own party. He claims a good percentage of the independent voters as well.


  1. About the independents: He’s a little bit overconfident on that one. Every election since 2006 has showed that independents are breaking for Democrats.

  2. That’s ’cause we bailed from the Republican Party?

  3. Well, Shawn, there have been a lot of national elections since 2006, haven’t there?

  4. No, but it has happened in pretty much every House and Senate race, special elections in Ohio, Maryland and Pennsylvania and the primaries this year.

  5. Dave Frank says:

    Thanks for asking the question Cindy. As an Obama suporter I am more than a little concerned about that today. I predict a very small margin of victory for my guy. 52-48.

  6. Cast the vote for McCain a few moments ago. Dave, in my gut I think it’s an Obama blowout on the Dem side. Can’t find it online, but a late night poll yesterday showed him up 53-40 among likely WI voters. I think HillBill is in for a WI surprise!

  7. Ooops! It was an audience member’s question, not mine, Dave. (Egads!)

    I think it’s closer than originally thought. I just told a friend Obama by 4 or 5 points. I do believe the pesky Republican crossovers will favor Clinton.

  8. Dave Frank says:

    I guess I wasn’t the only one wondering about that. Boy I hope you are right BrkfldDad. By the way if Hillary ends up pulling out the nomination, I will be voting for McCain right along side you.