Hardball: “Name some accomplishments.”

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  1. Thanks for making Obama look bad, dude. This guy is a schmuck… you gotta know at least ONE thing before showing your face on national television.

  2. Shawn, you’re good at this. What would you have said?

  3. Obama has NO legislative accomplishments, and Hillary has NO legislative accomplishments. Both are light on experience or the type needed to be the President in this day and age. If you disagree, start the list of PASSED legislation that either of them was the original sponsor of.

  4. Lucky Lady says:

    What Obama inspires is Socialism, Communism and Marxism. That’ll make the United States admired in the world…just like Cuba. That’s why all those refugees are trying to escape Cuba. I can’t believe Democrats can’t see where they’re headed. I don’t want to go with them.

  5. Oh dear Lucky Lady, compared to the hell that we’ve been in for the past seven long, bloody, murderous and morally and financially expensive years, and McCain only promising more of the same, do you really wonder why people embrace a change of any sort?

  6. Sorry I missed your question Cindy. I’ll answer it right now.

    First off, Obama has 12 years of senate experience (which is longer than Hillary Clinton). 8 years in the Illinois State Senate and of course 4 years in the U.S. Senate. Both George Washington and George W. Bush had ZERO legislative experience upon entering office.

    In Illinois, Obama worked passed legislation to reform and expand health care access, he singlehandedly worked through an impasse over the death penalty, and passed major ethics reform.

    State Sen. John Fritchey, who worked with Obama told me about Obama’s leadership on the Death penalty issue, as well as on welfare reform and other issues.

    in the US Senate, he teamed up with Maverick McCain himself to sponsor the comprehensive immigration reform package.

    Possibly the greatest accomplishment of Obama was “Coburn-Obama” which is the single largest ethics and transparency reform since Watergate, which established a website with all federal spending outlined on it.

    Obama-Lugar and the Africa Aid Bill are other accomplishments.

    El Gato, you may not disagree with him but saying he has NO legislative accomplishments is blatantly wrong. For only 12 years of experience, thats a LOT of accomplishments.

    I know it’s not as good as McCain-Feingold, but it will do.

  7. Frankly if you stack it up, experience of the top 3 remaining candidates would go from highest to lowest, McCain, Clinton, Obama. But… legistaltive experience vs. executive experience is a very different thing. If you want someone who’ll understand how to run government, it’s Huckabee. There’s a reason why in our 230+ years we’ve only elected two senators (Harding and Kennedy) to go directly from the Senate to the White House. Unfortunately, looks like this year is #3. Honestly, this year is beginning to remind me of Clinton v. Dole. Have to vote for one of them, don’t really like either.

  8. Capper, I think for fair-minded and objective people who haven’t wasted energy hating Bush, the past seven years have been good years for the average person. Economy has been good, taxes were lower, and Bill wasn’t in the White House. Can you enumerate how you have PERSONALLY experienced “bloody, murderous and morally and financially expensive” events?

  9. Name one good thing that President Bush did that was a complete debacle.

    And Dan, apparently McCain can’t fly a jet either. He trashed 4 before being shot down in Vietnam. Of course, that last time wasn’t his fault but it was interesting to see he had ruined that many jets.

  10. Shawn, City of Brookfield Mayor Jeff Speaker wrecked a bunch of squad cars and picked up a second wife while still married to the first, but that didn’t bother voters here at all.

    I don’t think it’s going to matter much to this crowd. Once they’ve decided, they’ve decided.

  11. I’m not a fan of the current administration. This president makes Pat Buchanan seem moderate and sensible and leaves me wistful for Bill Clinton (I couldn’t stomach him either.)

    That said, President Bush has done some good things in the world, especially with regard to Africa, and taken little or no credit for it. A small example would be his call in the State of the Union address for a change in the law governing US food aid so that food can be purchased locally instead of always in the US.

    Increased demand for corn (ethanol) and other grains has increased the price of these commodities to the point that we can’t feed people at the rate we used to. Purchasing those items from African farmers would feed more people for the same cost, support the local economies, and perhaps make a dent in the poverty rate.

  12. Dan, to answer your question on how he got away with it, his dad and grandfather were both Admirals.

  13. There are all kinds of “smart,” Dan, and, I believe, many roads to the Ivy League–one of them is legacy. If we hadn’t experienced 9/11 this man might have been smart enough. On the conduct of war, he should have listened to Colin Powell.

  14. Ouch! He was actually married to his second wife when this “supposedly” occurred. Seems like he has a history of infidelity and I don’t like that at all. We don’t need another pig in the White House!

  15. “Name one good thing that President Bush did that was a complete debacle.”

    That doesn’t compute! If you meant “wasn’t”, I would point out the tax cuts were very good for those who pay taxes. We also haven’t had another terror attack on our soil. I would also point out that Congress shares much of the blame for anything you don’t like, and remember the President isn’t out there doing the lifting. He just has the bully pulpit and executive orders, so if it’s a legislative issue…look somewhere besides the White House.

  16. Yes, i meant “wasn’t.” Typo, we all have them.

    Anyhow, I think McCain has a lot of skeletons that he doesn’t let on. His days in the military were marked with demerits and insubordination.

    The Keating scandal was pretty big, and he seems like he has a really bad temper.

    For his sake, let’s hope his buddies won’t trade Cain’s secrets for publicity.

    For Obama’s sake, let’s hope someone does some spring cleaning!

  17. I guess Shawn agreed with me on that one!

  18. Wrong again.

  19. Well, then prove I’m wrong!

  20. Those tax cuts only increased our national debt, something that, as a conservative i would expect you to oppose. Maybe you’re aligned with the tax-and-spend neocons, though..

    Not having a terrorist attack on our soil isn’t really an “accomplishment” considering the people being slaughtered elsewhere. At best i’d consider it a draw.

    Congress does share a lot of blame which is why i’m on the phone with the Feingold, Kohl and Sensenbrenner offices routinely. I’ve called Obama, Maj. Leader Reid’s and House Speaker Pelosi’s offices as well.

  21. That’s a good question, Dan. The first Reagan term held what some are now actually calling a depression. I had a mortgage in 1982 with 13% interest, and had to pay extra to assume a loan to even get that! The taxing changes took place during Reagan, but the benefits weren’t “seen” (I use quotation marks because it’s still debated as to whether or not the cuts created economic expansion or they happened to coincide with expansion that would have taken place anyway.) until some years later. Things were better towards the end of his second term, and Bush I came in easily. Then Clinton capitalized from another dip and won his first term in 1992.

    Clinton benefited from great economic times. The expansion combined with low military expenses erased the national debt that had weighed so heavily on the 80’s.

    The late Reagan years (86 to 88) were still pretty tough in Oklahoma, but I think overall not that different than now. (I completely worked from memory on this one, so I may have blown it. We’ll see how the answer holds up as you all pound away!)

  22. It is my impression that the tax cuts caused tax revenues to increase dramatically. One would have to go into all the suppositions and hypotheses to try and get an idea of what would have been compared to what actually happened. Economic theory supports the idea that money in the hands of the government shrinks the ecomony. Spending is the problem and your Dems are big porkers inspite of promises to do away with it.

    Your argument about terrorist attacks make me so mad that I don’t dare respond to it other than to say that a guy who would run to Canada rather than serve, and is so blasé about protecting us from terrorists needs to wise up.

    I’m not impressed that you call the offices of someone. I have a stack of reply letters. So what?

  23. EL Gato, you’re not gonna get away with this one. The biggest porkers in congress are Republicans save for Sen. Robert Byrd.

    Ted Stevens, Bill Young, Don Young. They’re all Republican fiscal conservatives. Ha.

  24. How could I forget Thad Cochran and Jerry Lewis?

  25. I think Gato hails from the day when Republicans were Republicans–or at least we thought they were. I used to be a Republican–heck, I used to be el Gato. Now our parties are tax and spend or spend and spend.

  26. Kathryn, you hit the nail on the head there. I used to campaign door to door for the Young Republicans in the 1960’s and 1970’s. Then the Arab oil emargo happened, inflation was in the double digits, mortgage interest rates ditto, jobs were scarce even for well educated college grads, health care got very expensive and it seems that the only ones who made any money were the defense contractors and related industries. Eventually, through maintaining a steady, average paying job and saving, saving, saving, I am now at the point where money is not a concern. I can afford to be generous to my fellow citizens, and feel that if the government is going to take my tax money, it better spend it on something that will enhance the quality of life in this country. The Iraq conflict is not that “something.” Without the huge national debt that Georgie Porgie ran up, we could all have a huge permanent tax cut, or we could all stop worrying about health care costs. What I hate to see is money poured down the rat hole and that’s why I quit the Republican Party-the party of corporate welfare rather than citizen welfare.

  27. First of all, let me state clearly that I think both parties are rotten to the core and are spending our future like drunken sailors. I am neither Republican or Democrat and I pretty much look at the social issues to see if I support a candidate. That said, notice that Shawn is disingenuous when he posts only Republican porkers.