I’m watching the lunar eclipse

Are you?


  1. Yeah, it’s a beautiful sky out there. But we bundle up in 7 layers of clothing before we head out! 🙂

  2. I’m a wimp. I’m watching from the kitchen window.

  3. Can’t say I am.

    But UFO Hunters was on History Channel!

  4. You’d be surprised, Dan!

  5. Dan, it looks like it’s you and Janet Evans that are Lost fans. I’ve never seen it. (But then I’ve never watched American Idol, either.)

  6. Just out of curiosity…why does anyone care if a shadow passed over the moon? Does people gather around to watch a flashlight being turned off? I don’t get it. Have I lived a sheltered life?

  7. Come on, El gato! You of all people? Lunar eclipses are Biblical for goodness sake. They’re relatively more rare than watching a flashlight user. For me seeing one makes some kind of ancient connection.

  8. No…lunar eclipses are just a ordinary occurrence albeit rare. There is nothing mystical about it at all.
    Heck, you can just go out any night and put on your sunglasses and see the same thing. Or how about a solar eclipse? Put your hand between the sun and your eyes. Bingo!

    BTW. Some really good talent on Idol this year.
    There is an Asian girl that I think will go all the way. She is tiny, cute, and has a wonderful voice.
    It’s worth watching this season….and better than seeing the moon in a shadow for me!

  9. But El gato, the lunar eclipse prove our world is spherical, not flat. I like watching them for that small reassurance!

  10. What do you mean “not flat”. What are you…some kind of liberal nut?

  11. Oh, please, El gato you were being funny here, right?

  12. Of course! I found out the world is a sphere a couple of years ago and I haven’t looked back since. I must admit that it was somewhat of a surprise to me since hundreds of millions of others believed it and thought Columbus was nuts. I mean after all if you can’t trust the opinions of the general public and the scientists…who can you trust?

  13. Hmm. May have to put that on the list for 2010, Dan. I’m not “into moon/spritual” so much – but I think it’s fun to watch.

  14. So you’ll rip on the lunar eclipse and rave about American Idol, El gato?

    That seems unlike you.

  15. You two whippersnappers should know that I really like El gato’s silly side. He’s one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met.

  16. Shawn and I need to have a face-to-face so he can see the side of me that he brings out. He likes to dig at the big boys and that may not be wise.

    Cindy, you on the other hand are much too kind!

  17. I offered up a face to face last year and you weren’t up for it.

    Maybe we can have a fireside chat?

  18. (Maybe it’s just the full moon. tee hee)