Immigration considerations

From Oklahoma of all places. My old home state recently passed strict immigration laws that have caused many illegal immigrants to leave the state. The Chicago Tribune writes:

Three months after the law took effect Nov. 1, anecdotal indications are mounting that many of Oklahoma’s estimated 100,000 illegal immigrants have fled the state. But so are indications that the new law is triggering unforeseen consequences.

There are problems finding workers to clean up after the bad ice storms that damaged so much of the area landscape. There’s thought that those doing the physical labor were mostly illegal immigrants.

It will all settle out, but I think the economics point to increasing costs for services such as landscaping in the area. This is a lesson regarding what will come of true immigration reform.

As long as everyone anticipates the consequences, go for it. But don’t let yourself be surprised that you won’t get to eat lettuce or strawberries in Wisconsin on a snowy February day.

Hat tip: the Thoughtful Conservative.


  1. Lucky Lady says:

    It seems to me that all the money Oklahomans save in social programs can be put toward higher wages for citizens. The price is worth it.

  2. It really is something to watch. We’re lucky that there are states willing to take innovative risks.

  3. I am waiting to see some hard information on the actual numbers that left the state, how much this “saved” the state and what problems they are having finding workers to do those jobs. It’s not always a matter of money, sometimes it’s a matter of being mentally and physically inclined to do the type of work that these “illegals” perform in our economy.

    I recall a neighbor of mine who moved from Southern California a few years ago complaining how expensive it was to buy services, such as lawn and home services here. Evidently too expensive based on how things look there.