Mr. Consensus squeaks through another one

Mr. Consensus, our own City of Brookfield Mayor Jeff Speaker, split the council in winning approval for Brookfield’s tallest building last night. (Consensus means unanimous, which he rarely manages on big votes despite his campaign promises.)

The general plan passed, 8-6, with Aldermen Bill Carnell, Bob Reddin, Chris Blackburn, Scott Berg and Jerry Mellone and Alderwoman Lisa Mellone voting in opposition.

Excuse me, Dan Sutton, what’s up with your vote? You want the 1st district to rally behind you but you support something like this in the 7th?

Mike Franz, another 7th district member voted this one, too. He’s leaving the council in April. I doubt this would have passed in another couple of months.

Technically, the developer has two years. In reality, this kind of thing drags on forever. (But, maybe not if the council finally turns over.) The developer has admitted it will be a while before construction begins. There’s this little problem of tenants to be found…

PS – a big 2nd district hug for Alderman Bob Reddin.


  1. I was a little miffed after casting a ballot for him to find that, oh, he voted for more development!

  2. Lucky Lady says:

    If you’re talking about Sutton, I think his opponent is also for development. Maybe the balance will shift in April if we vote for “Change” in Brookfield. I had hoped for more from Mr. Sutton. We have to tell our representatives what we want, not presume they know.

  3. I know Dan pretty well and he is very much pro business. This project made sense to him. I personally don’t have a problem with it–the building is in a highly visible commercial area that is only going to be more developed. I thought I heard New Berlin was going for an even bigger building on their side.

    Dan is an independent thinker and looks at issues on their merits. He is not going to vote the way you think he should on every issue. You have to weigh the overall record, which I feel is quite good.

    As I recall, Mr. Brunner voted for the Capitol Heights project that was plunked near a residential area, over the objections of the immediate neighborhoods. That has been a failure to date, with heavy vacancies. They are now building “retail/office” in front of it to complete the project. As I recall, Mr. Brunner was later quoted as regretting that support.

    Take a look at what is happening in real estate all over the country, and tell me why Brookfield is immune to all this? We have too many commercial buildings here, with many vacant spaces and businesses going belly up. That concerns me a lot more:

  4. Winegirl, thanks for joining us! I agree, if it had to happen anywhere, let it happen in the corner furthest away from me…

    My two concerns have always been precedent and lack of project readiness.

  5. I just found your blog–through Kyle’s column.

    Your concerns are always valid, you know a lot more about these projects and the process than I do.

    I will still vote for Dan Sutton in the general election since I feel his overall record has been one that supports what most of his constituents support.

  6. Oh, absolutely. Dan Sutton’s worth keeping.

    We’ve just never seen eye to eye on development outside of his district.