Let’s talk running mates

There’s been some comment traffic that brought up Senate presidents vs. Governor presidents. It’s something to consider when any of the top three choose a running mate.

So, who do you think will make the cut? I know I’ve brought up McCain/ Huckabee before, but I think the longer Huckabee stays in the race, the less likely that is to happen. I don’t think we’re looking at Romney, either. Some are speculating J.C. Watts from Oklahoma, but I think that’s not likely to happen.

Obama/Clinton or Clinton/Obama sounds interesting, but will there be too much water under the bridge for this kind of a match up? What about them both being senators?


  1. Kelly Frank says:

    I personally can not see a Obama/Clinton ticket. Too many of his supporters have a deeprooted dislike of her. It would bring nothing to the table. If anything, it would detract from his “movement”.

  2. I don’t think Obama would take Clinton in a million years, he knows she’s too polarizing. I don’t think Obama would settle for VP. If he doesn’t get the Dem nomination this year, he ought to stay out of the picture. Serving under Clinton could be disasterous to future White House aspirations, and he’s so young he could run in another 8 years if needed and lock it up then.

    On the Republican front. How about Elizabeth Dole or Kay Bailey Hutchison to shake up the women’s vote that the Dems seem to have a lock on?

  3. Cindy, I just published my predictions on my blog. This is something i’ve been thinking about a lot.

    I had to narrow down my list to the best contenders and hack off my Hillary diatribe. Interested to see what you think about my predictions.

  4. No chance on the Obama/Clinton ticket. They truly hate each other. He definitely would be well served to choose a governor or someone with strong foreign policy credentials.

    As for the Republicans, I like Elizabeth Dole but she is actually older than McCain (1 month). Insert your senior citizens jokes here. What about Christine Todd Whitman? She was a popular Governor, and a rising star in the party. Paul Ryan’s name has been dropped a few times as well. Conservatives would love that choice.

  5. Anyone like Ralph Nader? How about Rangel? Maxine Waters? Arnold Schwartzie?

  6. Eeew; please don’t say anything Cindy might have to censor! 😉

  7. Arnold cannot become VP or Pres. because he’s foreign-born.

    And, yes, I do like Ralph Nader.

  8. Lucky Lady says:

    What about Condolezza Rice as McCain’s running mate? She would cover both the women’s vote and the black vote, and she certainly has foreign policy experience. I like the Paul Ryan possibility.

  9. One would hope that the candidate the is picked would have the qualifications to become President. in the event the President is incapacitated.

  10. That’s right El gato, that’s why I don’t think Hillary or Barack are qualified to be VP!