Mr. Happy Pants strikes again

BergThat’s my new name for City of Brookfield 5th district Alderman Scott Berg.

You see, Scott has a history of belligerence towards those who dare to criticize him. If he feels he’s not getting the public adoration he deserves, he has a go at whoever is standing between him and his magic mirror.

In August, 2004, he felt unjustifiably lumped into the group of aldermen that backed the TIF district Brookfield has on the books. (He did vote to subsidize the development in the area. The district isn’t on track for success.) Instead of making his case with his constituents, he e-mailed a community member and several in the press a picture of his diseased appendix. We’ve seen some of Scott’s pleasantries on this blog, too.

This week his latest outrage is towards BrookfieldNOW blogger Janet Wintersberger. How dare she offer an opinion on the city when she lives in the town!

Mr. Happy Pants will be providing entertainment for years to come – four at least. He’s up for re-election UNOPPOSED in April.


  1. I call him the bullfrog.

  2. I saw his smartass comment and I responded to it if she lets it get posted. He is a real gem! It’s a shame that he is unopposed. I guess all the turkeys aren’t in my backyard!

  3. I thought he voted against the thing. I was going to thank him. What is he in a flap about?

  4. He voted for the rezoning, but against the building.

  5. Lucky Lady says:

    I hope residents make a mental note just in case this man decides to run for office in the future. Yikes!

  6. Oh, he’s running now-unopposed.

  7. Lucky Lady says:

    Yes, Kathryn, I know he is running unopposed now. Read between the lines.

  8. Dean Wormer says:

    By the looks of his picture I think he should be nicknamed Flounder.

    “Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life son!”