The lastest McCain revelation

It may not be much of a revelation at all. We’re looking at a post-primary news cycle that won’t see Ohio and Texas for another couple of weeks.

The question is where do the conservatives go? It looks like they are rallying to Senator John McCain. If they consolidate the ultra-conservatives to the candidate, it can be significant going into the convention. (John Riley of Newsday first had this idea in print hours ago. That the tv talkers are picking up on it now is no surprise.)

I don’t question that the NY Times feels they had ducks in a row to print the story. What’s more interesting to me is why they timed a story they’ve known for ages to hit today. I have to think on that a bit.

McCain held a press conference at 8:00 a.m central. He deserves to be heard, and to be believed. I know first hand that the most effective tool the press has is an accusation that must be denied. Think of it this way: why in the world would McCain put everything on the line to run if this “affair” and “favoritism” was so easily discovered?

Update: Press conference – about 17 minutes.


  1. The Clinton administration was full of affairs and allegations of favoritism. It worked out for him, why wouldn’t McCain give it shot?

    Ok, I’m just being mean. Seriously, the Times article is not impressive–a whole lot of nothing.

  2. Dave Frank says:

    The rumor is that the New Republic was about to run a story about how conflicted and divided the NY Times’ newsroom was over the story. I agree there is a whole lot of nothing to this story.

  3. All I can say is “Hubba hubba!”. Good for him if he was having a romantic affair with her.

  4. Ewww. El gato, that was in very poor taste.

  5. Not for a man!

  6. Let’s see…he would have been about 62 and she would have been about 32. She’s an attractive woman and they were both single. Now what’s not to like about that? Isn’t that the fantasy of many older men? Present company excluded of course!

  7. Good grief. This is proof that you never know where comments will go.

    Please don’t say anything that I’ll need to delete. And, what’s with the “they were both single” statement.

  8. This is not going to be a problem for McCain. It’s not even noon and already the news shows have deteriorated into a protracted session of navel gazing. The discussion is all about journalistic ethics rather than the veracity of the allegations. No one seems to believe the story.

  9. Kelly Frank says:

    El Gato –

    Wrong on the “both single”. McCain has been married to Cindy for years – they have four children together. Better check your morals – promoting adultery is not becoming.

  10. Ah Cindy…you know all about politics and Brookfield, but you don’t know men…at least “old bikers”! But it was just being somewhat humorous anyhow. NOT!

  11. They were both single at the time? McCain’s first wife was still in the picture when Cindy (McCain) came along. This happened a few years ago. He wasn’t single.