Elmbrook spins it again

And they wonder why we don’t trust them.

That $163/$320,000 home/year for 20 years isn’t for the cost of the high school facilities project. It’s an average they’ve given you at $0.51/$1,000. The projected total cost is about $98 million. Debt expenses are about 58% this time. Here’s the worksheet from the district. Taxpayers beware – there will be no relief from paying off the grade schools.

The projects are based on a 2007 tax base of $77.78 billion WITH 2% ANNUAL GROWTH. We might not get even that given current conditions. City leaders made a mistake by assuming growth with a Tax Incremental Finance District they passed. That hasn’t exactly panned out. Taxpayers always make up the difference for these kinds of planning misses.

Elmbrook wants to turn up the heat slowly by lowering initial principal payments. The taxpayer is just a lobster in a cool pot of water on this one.


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