Happy story for the day

There’s a delightful woman that works at the Walgreen’s in Ruby Isle. I was heading in to make a final round of pre-trip purchases as she was leaving the store.

“Wait,” I said, “you have to be there to check me out!”

She laughed. Then she beamed and said to follow her, she had something to show me.

Now I don’t know this woman’s name. I do know her husband had a cold the same time the spouse did recently (kleenex purchase) and we use a couple of the same products from the beauty aisle. We always chat during a check out. So, I followed her.

She pointed to a shiny black Pontiac Grand Am. “I won that!” she grinned.

Walgreens had just finished a customer service promotion and the store had done very well. Employees were entered into a drawing, and her name came out of the hat. She told me they even took care of the taxes.

It couldn’t have happened to a nicer lady.


  1. I agree with Dan. There’s a lady at Kohl’s that I simply love seeing. I keep her updated on my life, and she on hers.

    Those are some of the moments that make for a great day.

  2. Casey McCall says:

    Hi Cindy,

    Someone told me that you made a mention of my store on your blog, so I thought I’d come check it out!

    That lady’s name is Linda and she is probably my favorite woman in the world. She is one of two people who has worked at that store since before I got there (4 years ago).

    Two months ago, when I found out she had won the car, I was nearly in tears because the store consensus was simple: no one in the world deserved that car more than Linda.

    I was working Friday morning- I’m surprised I never saw you! Linda was laughing and saying it wasn’t a good day to get her car because her hair was messed up. We had to convince her it’s no big deal.

    Just when I thought the best things never happened to the right people… someone finally gets something they truly deserve!