Democratic debate 2 23

I have a question. Are we as miserable as the Democrats want us to believe? I’m beginning to think that they are setting up an election between what I’m sure they will label the “haves” and the “have nots.”

To be honest, I haven’t kept track of where the population considers themselves. I know some of the consumer confidence polls have been down, but does that make us a country that’s doing without? Maybe it’s time to dig into the economics and see where we’ll be heading in November.

One of my professors from UW-Milwaukee runs a model every election cycle that’s had some relative success. Tom Holbrook says, “current levels of dissatisfaction with the president, the economy, and the war, should auger well for the eventual Democratic nominee.”

Oh, dear. Hillary Clinton just used “change you can Xerox” again. There were boos like before. I noticed she’s been talking about “fake rallies”* in her sound bites. Remember this Waukesha gathering? (*Update 7:47am central – the transcripts are using “big rallies,” but that’s not what I thought I heard.)



  1. Well new presidential approval ratings are at 19% and the market isn’t showing itself to be robust.

    Cindy, I don’t think you’re on to anything here.

  2. I didn’t claim to be! My point: what if really aren’t that miserable after all?

  3. I think to a certain extent, Cindy, you are correct. Some of the angst we all feel is ‘created’ for us by politics and the media. Yes, Bushs’ approval is low (30% on 2/7, so not sure how it dropped 11% in 2 weeks), but Congress is some 8 points lower. I don’t think it bodes well for either party, although probably is a better election scenario for the Dems.

    But… could there be a draw of votes away from the Dems?? Shawn, you are in luck, Nader just announced he’s in! Seriously…