Je suis fatigue

My luggage, however, is still partying in London. There’s a chance I won’t see it for the entire trip. Go figure. Of course I have my camera equipment (sans tripod), laptop, and a few daily necessities with me. I could, however, look a little shabby towards the end of the week. With all of the travel I’ve done in the last year, this is the first time I’ve really ever had a hiccup. I can’t complain.

Casablanca is a funny city. There are generally four lanes of traffic heading into town, but the drivers make five lanes of driving. To top it off, there are people walking between the lanes!

Lovely choice for a first night hotel. Of course, they were chosen in part for their satellite wifi. It was dark when I drove in, but I have to tell you it’s pretty funny to see these ancient and sometimes decaying buildings topped with dozens of satellite dishes.

So, what will I miss most if my luggage doesn’t show? Probably deodorant. I have a feeling I won’t be finding my favorite brand here.


Ralph Nader is in again. I’m watching the BBC version of America’s politics. I had a wonderful 3 hour conversation with a Belfast man who was well versed in many subjects. His prediction, for what it is worth, is that John McCain will be America’s next president. The U.K. has never been against Republicans, but he admitted that no one on that side of the pond had much respect left for George Bush.


I’m off to scavenge dinner. Wish me luck!