The promise of luggage

By 9:00pm tonight in Marrakesh. We’ll see. I am going to have to find a toothbrush in this unusual country.

Somethings are worth the effort.

I’ll pop in a view from my hotel room in a few minutes if all goes well.

Here it is!



  1. Lucky Lady says:

    Did you pay extra for a “view room?” Get a refund! Stay safe!

  2. Some of the detail on those buildings is lovely; look at the iron work on those balconies! Sometimes you have to get used to how a place is different before you can appreciate what is there.

  3. Oh, I agree that it’s lovely. I can’t wait to be able to live in a place like that! What in the world are you doing there? I went to Korea to work in 1972 and arrived at the airport after midnight and it was closed due to curfew. After going through many military checkpoints we arrived at an unknown hotel. My wife and I, and two kids, got a double room which consisted of two SINGLE beds, wallpaper hanging off the walls, and cockroaches. In the morning we looked at at the smoggy coal-coated area and said, “What have we done?” An we never appreciated what was there in 18 months! You can’t beat the USA for living comfortably.

  4. Many societies don’t put their best face toward the street. Those apartments might be dumps, or they might be terrific. You can’t tell.

    I stayed in a flat in Turkey that had herringbone parquet floors, terrazzo and marble in the kitchen, spacious light filled rooms and tall french windows. It was none too attractive from the outside.

  5. I prefer a magnificent soapbox mansion clad in plastic siding sitting on a lot with 2 trees.

    Except not…at…all.

  6. I get a kick out of the satellite dishes.

  7. I’d love to see a closeup of that golden arch on the left side…

    Cindy, if it’s not too much to ask, i’d love to see some arch details.

  8. I guess Michelle Obama doesn’t love America as much as John McCain loves lobbyists and Vicki Iseman!

  9. C’mon, Dan. You asked for someone to respond to your dig. Dig, dag, dug! What’s with “get serious” now?

  10. Dan, what about the lobbyists that infest his campaign and do lobbying aboard the Straight Talk Express

  11. No it’s the campaign bus for McCain that he calls “The Straight Talk Express” because he is such a straight talker. But he’s got special interests in the trunk…literally!

  12. Dan, do you notice that Shawn never addresses any problem with one of his liberals. He just comes back with an attack on a conservative. It’s the old liberal Dem tactic…deny or ignore or attack someone else.

  13. I have lived without toothpaste and deodorant for two days now and you guys find a way to fight about it! Oy vey!

    More pics soon.

  14. Hey El Gato, I already addressed this in a previous post: It was a really stupid thing to say and she explained herself, which, I reckon, is the same thing you would have said about your candidate.