Marrakesh – a compromise in development

Dan Ertl, Director of Community Development for the City of Brookfield, and I might be able to compromise on this city. You see, every building can only be one color, a desert red. That’s the part that Dan would probably like. (Remember repainting Fresh Market on Bluemound?) For me there’s the restriction that no building except for the Mosque can be taller than a palm tree. There’s an added bonus – the cell tower monopoles are fake palm trees that look pretty darn good!

The World Cup is headed here in 2010. (I think that’s the date.) It’s booming. I have a photo of several construction cranes that I’ll put in later.


  1. Dave Frank says:

    Dan, that would be a good point except for the fact that there is no proof that Iraq was a “breeding ground for terrorism under the Hussein regime.” It just isn’t true.

    We should focus more on Afghanistan and Pakistan. By the way, we just killed a top Al Qaeda operative in Pakistan.

    I don’t think questioning the war is garbage or means you have the wool over your eyes.

  2. Dave’s point was that there were no al qaeda forces in Iraq before we toppled Hussein: zip. Our invasion created both the opportunity and the incentive for their presence there.

  3. The war in iraq and the war on al qaeda aren’t the same Dan, i think that’s the puzzle piece you’re missing.

  4. Dear Cindy,

    Bill and I hope you are having a great photo trip, and hope that you will be able to attend the Elmbrook Humane Society’s fundraiser, Wine&Whiskers, on Saturday, March 8, from 7 to 10 p.m.

    Winegirl and her husband promise to attend, and are sponsors, are you are.

    We have 160 attendees so far.

    Looking forward to seeing you,


  5. Dan, it’s pointless to argue with Bush-hating, liberal Democrats. Dave quote two of the most liberal websites, so you know he is brainwashed and uninformed, and unwilling to learn the truth. I’ve given up arguing and when the “sh*t hits the fan” we’ll know who was right and who was wrong. As for Obama…he has NO real experience and I suspect he is a muslim sympathizer since his daddy is one. We will pay a heavy price if he is elected!

  6. Is the 9/11 commission a liberal left-leaning bush-hating institution?

    Every source that publishes anything you don’t like you label as a liberal-biased source. Even the conservative think tank the Cato Institute now admits that Iraq is a blunder. How’s that for brainwash?

  7. El Gato, just so we are clear, are all muslims evil? Because Senator Obama’s father is muslim he is probably a terrorist, right? That is your point isn’t it?

  8. I think Dan asks a fair question. The answer is that al qaeda is only one party to the warfare; there are many others. Right now, we confront the militia du jour because all parties are interested in total control. Al qaeda is one party that Obama regards as a legitamate target, and he figures the others ought to settle their political affairs without hiding behind us any longer. As long as we are willing to take on all comers, we make enemies of many and enable the Iraqi leaders to avoid their responsibilities.
    Why make peace when you can hold out and maybe take everything in the end?

  9. Did I get that right, Shawn?

  10. Dave, that’s not my point. I’m somewhat well-read on Islam and Muslims and I know that only a small percentage (estimated @ 10%) are “radicals”. I also know that a far larger percentage dance in the streets and celebrate when events like 9-11 occur.

    I also know that the “radical” Muslims and “radical” Christians are the ones that take their holy books seriously. The moderates are the ones that don’t and they pick and choose what they think is true.

    I also know that the goal of Islam is world domination and that will NEVER change. They use any means to advance that goal, so any attempt to negotiate with them is foolish and naive on our part. In this regard Bush is ignorant and uninformed…or just a fool.

    Now for my point. Since Obama’s daddy is a Muslim, he would probably have a more tolerant view of Islam than any Christian should. He is on record as saying he would negotiate with them, he is endorsed by Louis Farrakahn, and he attends a church with some suspect doctrines. I think it’s better to be safe than sorry! I believe the Democrats will sell us out when in fact the only thing we should be doing is fighting the terrorists, and stopping the immigration of Muslims. Look at Europe and tell me I’m wrong!

    Kathryn, you need to do some reading. All of these groups you refer to are Islamic! They all think non-Muslims must convert, submit to dhimmi status, or be killed according to the Koran and Hadith. They say it plainly and clearly for anyone wise enough to believe it.

  11. I’ll let you look silly. Read the Qur’ran and get back to us.

  12. Surah 9:5
    Surah 5:51
    Surah 3:85
    Surah 8:13-17
    Hadith 9:57
    Hadith 9:50

    It’s hard for me to understand why people just won’t accept what the Muslims themselves say and believe if they take Islam seriously. I don’t think there’s anything silly about being aware of the danger that we have faced for 1400 years, and the number of people who have been forced into Islam at the point of the sword. I’ll be gone before it’s as bad here as it is in Europe, but you softies will still be here fighting for your lives!

  13. It’s hard to believe that anyone would stick up for Islam! I guess it’s because they aren’t informed, and they haven’t faced their persecution. One thing is for sure and is not debatable. If one claims to be a Christian, you have to stand against the dark forces that are Islam. If Muhammed actually had a vision, the messenger was not an angel of God but rather a demonic angel. Jesus said that if you’re not with him you’re against him. You can argue that point with Him. I just happen to accept that as the truth, and I’m concerned enough for my grandchildren not to be naive and look the other way.

    I will say that in my emperical experience, most people are uninformed and unaware of most things that affect our culture and society. Their opinions are based on falsehoods, propaganda, misconceptions, emotions, and sloth when it comes to becoming knowledgeable. Generally speaking the younger you are the less you know about civics, etc. and the older you are the more likely you are stuck with the mindset of days long gone.

    I’m trying to make this intellectual and not personal. so please express FACTS to support your position that Islam is acceptable.

  14. El Gato, you are right in that all of the combatants in Iraq, except for US, are Muslims. They aren’t fighting over who has to convert, nor who gets to control New Jersey.

    Christians, Jews, Muslims have this in common: those who get it try to practice the law of love, those who don’t get it are a mixed bag, and those who get it wrong can be militant and dangerous. As Scout Finch says, “Folks are folks.”

  15. Well here is my first effort to show that in the United States of America the practice of Islam is acceptable:

    “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

    By the way I think we have come full circle and you have proven my point, which is that you believe all muslims are evil. Also if you believe the whole world should be Christian, how do you distinguish yourself from the muslims you so eagerly deride….

  16. Kathryn, I want to keep this non-personal, but I must tell you that you know NOTHING about Islam. It is a religion of nothing but works righteousness, hopelessness, and hatred. The concept of love does NOT appear in any of their teachings. You must seriously do some research on the internet. Bear in mind I’m talking about Islam and not Muslims! Also bear in mind that Islamists are not going to tell you the truth about what they believe about spreading Islam and the status of infidels. That would only turn us against them. Just look at history with an open and realistic mind. Look at the twenty or so conflicts in the world today and you see they are all Islamists trying to take control. There is NO comparison to Islam and Christianity/Judaism, and Allah is NOT a “god of love”. This is my last comment because those who don’t want to believe won’t, and the truth remains the truth.

  17. I’m glad you aren’t indicting Muslims, but you aren’t talking about Islam as people practice it either; you are talking about militants, a fraction of one percent of adherents to the faith. The other billion of them are not going to bother you for being a Christian. Gato, you need to get out and meet the neighbors.

  18. We need the Spanish Inquisition again.

  19. This is getting personal. Who among us has not ‘munafiqed’ on occasion?

  20. Mr. El Gato I suggest you don’t bother to try to prove anything to those who are ignorant and think they know something. It’s obvious to me that the ones defending Islam are neither informed or what they think they are. I learned long ago that you can lead at horse to water, etc. The dumb like to be dumb! Let it go, and by the way I happen to agree with most things you say but I’m not going to try to convince the leftwing.

  21. Agreed Dan. I think we have all engaged in a healthy and interesting discussion here. It is unfortunate one person can derail an otherwise civil discussion.

  22. Cheesehead, I’ve been married to a Muslim for 20 years and have studied the Bible even longer. I think I have a passing familiarity with both faiths. Don’t tasse me bro!

  23. On another topic… anyone else notice that all of Flessas’ blogs on MyCommunityNow that are less than a year old have been deleted and that is no longer an active blog? He sure loved to turn up the heat/rhetoric on others, now that its on him he hides!

  24. Cheesehead says:

    Kathryn, I might surmise that you are the same kind of Christian that your spouse is a Muslim. You can be best described by John’s admonition to the Laodicean church in Rev. 3:14. A “passing familiarity” probably describes you quite well and YOU said it.

    Dave has previously revealed his ilk and deserves no recognition.

  25. Wait, so El gato is a Muslim! “one who submits to god.”

    It’s easy to rattle the sabre and to say “you’re either with us or against us.” It’s those kind of naive black and white outlooks that got us into this boondoggle in Iraq.

    A black-and-white world view is less developed and sophisticated. Dan has proved here that, despite our disagreements on just about everything, he can recognize the nuance of an issue.

    Fundamentalist Christians bomb abortion clinics, started the crusades, and do lots of unsavory things. So do you think that MAYBE the way El Gato sits and picks out the worst in Islam is how some Muslims pick out the worst in Christianity?

    Try to transcend you’re own bias as an American and see how it might be from their point of view. El Gato, I reckon you’d go mad if Iran stationed “peaceful” troops in the Vatican or Jerusalem. We’ve done the same to them with putting bases in Muslim holy land.

    It’s funny how suddenly when i’m not the only person standing against your point, you don’t have much to say other than to reidicule people’s knowledge of the sitution.

    Kathryn, obviously you’re a total idiot because you don’t completely agree. And Dan, give me a break, you must be blind! Except not. Democracy is predicated on a system of nuance and dissent. When you try to crush others viewpoints and make ad hominem attacks, the terrorists win because it undermines Democracy.

  26. Tazed me! Ouch!

    (How is that supposed to be spelled anyway?)

    Maybe we should lighten up….

  27. That is a nice piece, Dan. If you didn’t happen to catch Bono at the National Prayer Breakfast last year, you should look it up. It was pretty cool, too.

  28. I agree Dan

  29. Shawn,
    Thanks for taking the time to spell out the facts in your response #6. Your comments on corporations and who really benefits from the wars are a rare heard. I often wonder why that is not discussed in the mainstream media.

    I applaud your efforts but I fear your words are wasted. “True believers” will never be dissuaded from the belief that their country and this president are beyond reproach.

    This ridiculous, yet likely true quote from the barkingdingo blog: – “…three out of every ten Americans will never get past denial and could watch Bush eat a baby on live TV and still think he is the greatest president ever.”

    Google, “935 Lies” Bush, and take a look at the chart of the data – at least they took some time off for Christmas! Thank God.

    In Bush’s own words: “catapulting the propaganda”

    However, blaming Bush is like blaming Hitler. There are thousands perhaps millions of meglomaniacs attempting to remake the world and harm people in the process. It’s the corporatist media leading the sheeple to the shearing and the slaughter. Wake up before the forklift pokes you…

    3 Trillion added to a 9 Trillion Debt to fund a 100 Year War – McCain ’08!

    Pretty soon that adds up to real money. Too bad we can’t afford Universal Health Coverage….

  30. “Four legs good; two legs baa-aad.”

    —the sheeple 😉

  31. Cheesehead says:

    Joe, you’re a imbecile!

  32. Aren’t we all? Well, we’re all cheeseheads.

  33. Cheesehead says:
  34. Well I am cuckoo for Democrats!