Me again.

Spent all day in the tiny streets of Marrakesh. Good grief, why would anyone sing about this place? Off to dinner soon. I haven’t even looked at today’s photos, so we’ll all be surprised together later.

Anything going on at home that I should know about?


  1. Well, my web filter has decided that your comments section is a porn site! I can’t seem to persuade it otherwise; have to turn the thing off to read!

  2. Just to prove that I can be a nice guy I won’t bother to comment on Dan’s remark.

  3. Wilson828 says:

    You’re missing nothing here at home. Bad weather plaques us with continual snow, and variations of same. County Board cartoon Rodell Singert lost his primary re-election bid – did you know that? Speaking of cartoons, Jessica McBride has slowed way down on her blogging – what a relief! Maybe she got a real job. Presidential hopefuls are disappointing. McCain is the aging and from newspaper reports the raging republican candidate to be. Obama is likely to be the next democratic contender. People don’t trust Hillary. Locally, the best joke going around this week is once again the Greenfield Avenue debacle – where Town of Brookfield didn’t pay their fair share and the road is not finished left dangerously 4 lane to 2 lane to 4 lane. Upcoming lawsuits when accidents occur should be entertaining. Laurel Walker of the JS continues to publish trite snide and shallow commentary without responsibility for what she says. And the highlight of the day are your postings. Your pix are interesting. Not a vacation I would take, but none the less interesting. Hope you make it home safely from there.

  4. BrkfldDad says:

    You missed the elusive Jack Shaw. Anyone check out his blog, which was to educate us on him, his platform and Brookfield Happenings in general? Four posts since launched on January 18th. 1 – announces the blog, 2 – thanks folks for comments, 3 – announces his missed the common council meeting, 4 – tells us NY has had more snow than we have. WOW – this guy’s got my vote!