I’m having so much fun I can barely see straight. We have a three hour ride today and I intend to be drooling and snoring for the most of it. Catching up with my travel buddies can wait for another time.

Little bits of stuff: Morocco is NOT the World Cup in 2010. I must have misunderstood the guide. I don’t have time to catch up with the comments so don’t embarrass me (or you) while I’m away. I’m so sorry, but one of the longer responses got held up for moderation and just made it. YOU HAVE TO BE PATIENT WITH EACH OTHER. If one of you want to take up comment moderating, let me know and we’ll work something out while I’m gone. I do hate it that the flow of conversation gets held up with a glitch or two.

I might not have a connection for about 3 days. I’ll be in touch.


Now, for photos. Here’s Ertl orange and enough construction cranes to send the Mayor towards Nirvana.


This next one is fun. For elections the 20 or so candidates get their own wall space in several areas around a community for a poster. That’s it. No posting anywhere else.


Here’s a mother dropping her child off for daycare. One woman was pleased to be photographed, the other shooing me away. (Lots of that, so you have to be careful where you point your camera. I’m becoming an expert at waist high shooting.)


This one’s for Shawn – Medersa ben Youssef. The light was very harsh, and it was very crowded, so photos were tough.



  1. That last one will have my eyes working for the next few days. That tile work is stunning on the bottom, although it’s kind of sad that the flooring hasn’t held up. The carved wooden doors are really wonderful too.

  2. Shawn – “hasn’t held up”? To paraphrase an old Mideastern friend of mine… You United States folks don’t understand, that tile floor is older than your country! I’d say it’s held up well.

  3. No I do understand, maybe I used the wrong verbiage. Too bad it didn’t hold up to a more perfect condition. Believe me, I know that in everywhere except the United States, humans live in older, less manicured spaces.

  4. Kyle Prast says:

    I like the political poster idea–no getting inundated by too many political ads there!

  5. Wonderful pictures you’ve been posting. I’ve enjoyed coming back and looking at places and cultures I’ll probably not get the benefit of visiting.