Elmbrook messes with the numbers again.

I did it. One very long day of travel later and I’m home. I fell into bed, slept seven hours, and am ready to get started.

Before I step into the work, does anyone else have details on the $170/year impact on the average $320,000 value home in Elmbrook school district? That’s the number used in the bright yellow insert to the City of Brookfield newsletter. The district Web site still uses $163/year as the estimate.

I thought we found the number wasn’t accurate? Bob Borch even e-mailed the worksheet from the district.

Help me get to the bottom of this. It seems to me that the district is using semantics to push their cause. How many sets of numbers can they publish and get away with it? I’m going to put this one on the list because I’d honestly like the DA to review what they are doing. My list is really long right now, so I’d appreciate it if anyone who has already thought through this one would share.