Scott Walker rocks!

Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker has this rocking ad out:

Hat tip: Roaches and Twinkies (Should we ask about the title?)


  1. Scott Walker for Milwaukee County Executive.

    Fully endorsed by Waukesha County residents!

  2. That wasn’t an endorsement Greg, it was more of a fan club moment.

  3. Fan club moment?

    What’s the difference, Cindy…

  4. Cindy apparently never comes to Milwaukee County to see what a disaster Walker has made of it. Nor does she read the local papers. Nor does she read my clever, witty, and factual postings on the subject.

    Unless she means Walker has rocks in his head, then she is absolutely correct.

  5. Walker ripped off a Mac ad. Cindy, weren’t you ripping on Obama for taking word (with permission) from Deval Patrick?

    Double standards for your allies, perhaps?

  6. Shawn, we didn’t know Deval’s words were with “permission” until wayyyy after the fact. That wasn’t a piece of the argument until later. Walker using this concept as a parody is probably fair use, but if you want to make an issue of it I’m happy to let Walker’s attorneys intervene.

    Capper, I’ve read your stuff lately on Walker and Taylor. I haven’t been impressed. Do you think it is possible to tout your candidate on her strengths and quit ripping on her opponent? What are her strengths in your mind besides her stated party affiliation? I double dog dare you to tell me what Taylor has done to benefit her constituency WITHOUT mentioning, even by pronoun or allusion, her opponent.

  7. She has brought to Milwaukee County $3 million extra dollars for transit, she has brought in $8 million dollars to cover what Bush cut from child support enforcement (making dead beat parents pay support), and she has advocated for stronger rehabilitation programs, stronger mental health services, and stronger alcohol and drug abuse treatment programs.

    In her campaign, she has outlined cost saving measures such as collaboration between County, City and Schood Districts for common activities, such as lawn mowing, thus saving tax payers money on all three levels.

    Is that enough for starters?

  8. More specifics, please. How did SHE bring in the $11 million total? “Advocated” – where? Was she effective?

    Not interested in the second paragraph of promises.

  9. She brought the money in the last state budget.

    She has been advocating for mental health and AODA services in the prison systems and as an alternative to prison, for those who are eligible.

    She has gotten bills passed that offer more services to those in institutions and for increased funding for AODA programs, which tend to be more cost effective than just housing inmates. The in-prison services were strongly backed by law enforcement and corrections people from around the state and the American Jailers Association. Those came out to be the more effective because of the pressure.

    Social services, unfortunately, are never ‘sexy’ enough, and are too often the last to receive funding and the first to get cut.

  10. Funny how Capper ignores the disaster that Walker inherited from the Democrats that were nothing less than self-serving crooks. Remember the retirement scandal?

  11. Oh boy, Capper!

    Cindy, c’mon – I really need to know why you think Walker is such an attractive candidate.

    Especially from a perspective in a different county.

    I mean, how can you experience firsthand Milwaukee County’s failings under Walker?

    Also, how is supporting Walker benefiting you and your neighbors in Waukesha County? If anything, he’s one of the main players in keeping seperation and disunity in place. Don’t you feel we need a more united front so we can keep big companies in our metropolitan area? Don’t you feel that a strong metro will equal to better quality of living and better promotion of our area across the country?

    Or is partisanship and a huge tug-of-war really what you want?

  12. Walker has been foisting the costs of things he was supposed to be doing, but refused to, on the city of Milwaukee and the suburbs. Things like shoveling out bus shelters, responding to 911 calls on county grounds, etc. If he could find a way to get Waukesha to pay for things, he would be doing it already.

    It is like dealing with a greedy, selfish slob that acts passive aggressively to get other people to do their work for them.

  13. Oh, then I gave $11 million in Milwaukee County transit and child support tracking.

    Greg, all I did was say that the ad rocked. It’s not like I offered up my firstborn. But since it’s of interest, I’ll do some research and see what’s out there. It matters a lot to Waukesha county (and to me) what happens in Milwaukee County. No one asks why I care when I hand money over every year to support United Way, UPAF, etc.

    What do you mean, Greg, by “united front so we can keep big companies”? All Democrats in office? You can vote for Lena Taylor if you want, but keep this in mind:

  14. OK, Cindy, I’ll see your verbal faux pas with a breaking state law, breaking federal law, and a failure to take responsibility.

    Oh, and Mr. Cat, I didn’t forget you. Yes, Walker inherited a mess. He also made it worse. If you cut your arm, you get sutures, you don’t amputate both legs.

  15. Capper, you linked to three opinion pieces you wrote. Care to step outside your own opinion on the subject? Any facts?

    1) A correction was made once a problem was discovered. There wasn’t any corruption.
    2) Democratic Governor Jim Doyle let thousands of SSN’s be released. Did you blame him appropriately?
    3) Would Mr. Dudley be eligible for one of Ms. Lena Taylor’s AODA initiatives?

    Your beef with Walker is starting to sound more personal than political. Can you tell us why?

  16. 1) Everytime you go to the doctor, dentist, or any other medical professional, you get paperwork related to HIPAA. This is not something new. It might not have been intentional, but it was still against the law.

    2) Yes

    3)Yes, in prison.

    It is personal. I have spent the last twenty plus years of my life working with kids, with disabled adults and with the mentally ill. Walker, and the people that glom onto the same idealogy, deprives these people of the services that they need and deserve.

    I deal day in and day out with trying to find new resources to help these people because the resources aren’t there. I have also seen what happens to these people when they don’t have access to these services. They go back to using drugs, stop taking prescribed medication and have psychotic breakdowns and end up either incarcerated, institutionalized, or dead. I don’t consider any of these options to be acceptable.

    So, yes, as an advocate for the mentally ill, the drug dependent (the ones that want help anyway), the kids, and and the disabled, I do get quite angry when I see someone actively trying to make their lives even harder.

    Do you agree? Or is the dollar more important than someone else’s quality of life?

  17. And to be completely honest, the company I work for depends on these service dollars to stay in business to provide these services. I, like anyone else would, tend to get very cranky, when someone is repeatedly threatening your job, for no good reason, expect to further his own political ambitions.

    Let him climb the ladder on someone else’s back, like he has for the past twenty years. I’ll be damned if I will let him do it on mine or the backs of my clients without screaming about it.

  18. I think I found my quote of the week!