Rick Owen spins

I have recently received campaign info from 2nd District Alderman Rick Owen. He’s a little dizzy when it comes to his accomplishments. Foremost in concern is his statement regarding taxing.

Owen claims that he’s “ensuring the lowest average year to year property tax increase (at 1.35%), in 2 decades” during his four-year term. My research shows Owen is either lying or can’t do the math. Actually, the tax levies in which he’s had influence (2005 – 2008) have increased at nearly the maximum allowed by the state over the last four years. The 1.35% he uses is not accurate. The actual increases? 2005: 3%; 2006: 2%; 2007: 1.4%; 2008: 3.5%.

It is Brookfield’s slowing growth and the state caps on municipal taxing that kept taxing down recently. In fact, when aldermen tried to lower the tax and stash practices of Mayor Jeff Speaker in the last two budget rounds, Owen opted to keep taxes high and support the Mayor’s position.