4:37 p.m. – no more closed session

A new agenda was mailed late in the working day for Tuesday night’s City of Brookfield Water Board meeting. The Lake Michigan water discussion is no longer set for closed session. I suspect the link I gave you earlier has already been changed to the amended edition.

Just a housewife with an opinion, folks. Who’d’ve thought it possible.


  1. Winegirl says:

    I sure would love to hook up to Lake Michigan water–no more water softener, salt and replacing my water heaters every 5 years!

    However, I can’t see how Brookfield could provide “affordable” new housing. My .45 acre lot in the Pilgrim and Capitol Drive area is assessed at $ 160,000. Brookfield would have to induce property owners to sell vacant land at a loss to have that happen.
    Of course, there are still many older residences in the eastern part of the city that would sell for under $ 200,000. With the “average” sales price in the City of Milwaukee approaching that figure, it would seem that there is “affordable” (relatively speaking) housing here already. Or are they talking about subsidized public housing (which not even Milwaukee wants.)