Let’s hope Mayor Jeff Speaker isn’t in line for this one

All we need is another chain restaurant. This restaurant certainly fits his happy-place, happy-tummy profile.

Update: After the e-mails I’ve gotten maybe I should buy the franchise and bring it to Brookfield. Of course, I’d have to get past our plan commission.


  1. BrkfldDad says:

    Don’t be surprised to see one here, Brookfield fits their demographic perfectly. I’ve been to the one in Middleton, food is pretty good and yes Dan the wings are great!

  2. kathleenm says:

    Think I’d like to puke.

  3. Lucky Lady says:

    This place gives the “greasy spoon” image a jump start. I suppose the mayor will squeeze this restaurant in Brookfield Square, after all, it’s not fully gridlocked yet, unless you go on a Saturday!

  4. “Jump start.” That was punny, Lucky Lady.