Mayor Jeff Speaker bullies southside neighborhood


This Mayor disgusts me, but I guess that isn’t exactly news. He wants a new fire station BAD because he thinks it will keep him elected, but not everyone is jumping to the Mayor’s threats. So, this guy is making his point that negotiations for the remaining homes need to come to a finish by tearing down the one house the city has bought.

Keep in mind there’s no conditional permit to build the new fire station. Keep in mind the council has every chance of turning at the next election in a few weeks.

Keep in mind there’s no press watching these days.

What else would you call ripping down a neighborhood to hasten negotiations?


  1. Does anyone know what kind of a cop this guy was?
    I have a feeling he was a thug behind that badge. Does anyone have experience with him?

  2. freezy64 says:

    You couldn’t wait to tear down that single house, a part of my neighborhhood. Hey Jeff, wow that will really get the old city hall ball rolling, aye? So here sits an empty hole with NO fencing around it, sounds real safe to me. This neighborhood is full of kids and it appears that you don’t care about their safety either.

  3. No fence around a basement hole? I’m pretty sure that’s a code violation. Who cites the city?

    Does anyone remember the problem in Waukesha where a child was hurt?

  4. freezy64 says:

    As with most issues concerning the community this too shall fall on deaf ears. We couldn’t stop a fire station, so how can we get a simple safety fence ? Rules and codes don’t apply to Jeff.

  5. This all speaks pretty clear to me where the mayors priorities are.

  6. This just makes me want to puke. I live in this neighborhood, when this came up before all I heard was that we were not up to Brookfield standards.

    My wife and I came from the Madison area looking for a small town feel. We have owned a home in this neighborhood for over 10 years, we used to be really happy about the age mix, but recently the feel has definitely changed…

  7. freezy64 says:

    I just drove by the basement hole again after work, still no orange safety fencing! I called inspection services and they said that they would look into the matter Thursday. He didn’t seem to concerned that a child could fall into that hole.