Quotes you probably won’t hear about Spitzer

Well, we had a big victory yesterday getting the Lake Michigan water discussion out of closed session. To celebrate, I’m going to clean house. (Okay, I am trying to be positive about today’s chores.)

For the morning I thought we’d play a game: Quotes you probably won’t hear about Eliot Spitzer. Let’s make a pact to be nice to each other, but almost anyone else is fair game. Don’t be gross.

I’ll start.

“I’d usually say off with his head. Since I’ve used the same service, I’ll say he has better taste than I thought.”

Karl Rove


  1. You probably won’t hear Hillary say, “His wife ought to divorce him. Women can’t accept such treatment from their husbands.”

  2. Apparently since he’s hired a law firm, you won’t hear Spitball say:

    “I’m so ashamed of what I did and how hypocritical I am, so I must resign the office of Governor in order to preserve the dignity of the office.”

  3. Looks like we won’t be hearing the governor say:

    “Golly Sgt. Carter, I only did it once. Can’t you just look the another way this once?”

  4. What happens after hours, stays after hours.

    Dick Strong