BC(2) still behind on payments to district

A booster club that promised to pay half of Brookfield Central’s field improvements remains behind in their payments to Elmbrook taxpayers. BC(2) (aka Brookfield Central Booster Club) promised timely payments to the district for half of the major improvements, including artificial turf.

Elmbrook School Board President Meg Wartman has twice been listed in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel as a member of BC(2).

In December 2007 the group was reportedly $51,788 behind in payments. Assistant Superintendent Bob Borch just e-mailed that BC(2) has made one other payment for $6,500. The group owes over $150,000 to the district by June 2008.

Wants vs. needs, folks. Promises that aren’t kept. A school board president that garners favors for her kid’s (pardon the pun) turf.

Hey, it’s Brookfield.


  1. I bet the people who promised to pay for this are YES voters. You can see that in reality they want someone else to pay for their wants. Apparently a different class of people make promises to Brookfield Academy.

  2. Lucky Lady says:

    Gee, I wonder if these are the people who put the ad in the J.S. today? Are they hoping we’ll just pick up the tab for their unfulfilled committments? It’s things like this that make it difficult for conscientious parents to get the “needs” that are legitimate for their children’s education.