Grading Wisconsin’s representation in Washington

The National Journal has a list indicating the liberal or conservative ratings of all the Wisconsin delegation. Of course it caught my eye that Tammy Baldwin (D) and Gwen Moore (D) earned A’s, or a score of 95, in their convictions towards the left. In fact, those are the only A’s on the Wisconsin list.

Our own Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner only gets a 78.8 towards the conservative side. That’s a C according to Elmbrook grading standards.

Of course Senators Herb Kohl and Russ Feingold stay to the liberal side with 77.3 and 88.5 ratings respectively.

Ratings for the presidential candidates – John McCain: the report measures only social issues where he scored 40 liberal to 59 conservative. Hillary Rodham Clinton: composite scores of 82.8 libaral and 17.2 conservative. Barack Obama: composite scores of 95.5 liberal and 4.5 conservative.

The scores are in contrast to the popular belief that Clinton is more liberal than Obama. Obama was labeled the most liberal Senator measured.

Categories included economic, social, and foreign policy votes. McCain missed over half of the measured economic and foreign policy votes, so he was only scored on those social issues measured.

The fact that McCain measures towards the middle is one of the reasons I think he may have a chance as president. The vote is always a bell curve, and he may be at the point to gather the most votes.


  1. BrkfldDad says:

    I don’t think the popular belief is that Clinton is more liberal than Obama. In fact, talking heads like Rush promote her over McCain believing her to be more conservative than he. Undeniable Obama is so far left leaning he’s fallen and can’t get up!

  2. The Conservative Union had Clinton one point higher than Obama. Not a big difference on that scale.

  3. How many times do I have to say that this National Journal study has been discredited and is flawed? To say that Herb Kohl is only slightly more liberal than Sensenbrenner is bull ****. [edited by the little ol’ lady)

    Either way it doesn’t matter because in national and state polls, Democratic and liberal self-identification is at all-time highs, and independents are leaning towards democrats and liberal viewpoints more than ever.

  4. Thanks for your opinion Shawn. If you can PROVE the study is flawed, it makes it more interesting. All I have to work with is what they published.