Spitzer resigns

10:43 a.m. central time

Bless his wife, she looks terrible. He looks like he’s just been dry cleaned, pressed and fresh as a daisy. How wrong is that?

Apology. Sense of what might have been. He claims to have accomplished a lot, but will not allow private failings to disrupt the work.

“I am resigning from the office of Governor.” The resignation will be effective Monday, March 17th.

Democratic Governor Eliot Spitzer resigns. He’ll be praying for Lt. Governor David Paterson who will now take the position.


  1. Wow. Talk about feet of clay! This is tragic no matter what you think of his politics. What is it with great men and arrested development? Can you imagine Madeleine Albright or Margaret Thatcher crashing and burning like this? Do women have our own undiscovered weaknesses, or do we grow up when we are supposed to?

  2. I think it’s only fair to answer Kathryn’s question. The system works like this…the women are the hookers and the men pay for it. The scandal falls on the men, but the women are just as morally bankrupt as the men. I must also say that I don’t think Madeline Albright could get laid for $1ooo per hour. You must remember the biological mechanics of the situation.

  3. Why are we so obsessed with New York when we have pretty similar elected demi-gods in our own community? Maybe I’ll live to see a couple of them tumble.

  4. Eliot is nobody’s pretty child.

  5. BrkfldDad says:

    I don’t know I would classify the local elected as demi-gods, that’s too much of a compliment. Perhaps ‘disasters-waiting-to-happen’ is a better term.

    And is it just me… Silda Spitzer… what the heck was Eliot thinking? He looks to have been very blessed in many ways, including a lovely wife. What an idiot…

  6. I wonder what “demi-gods” are?

  7. El Gato, if you are really curious, this is close to what I meant. If you have a problem with the word use, then state so more clearly.

  8. It seemed clear enough that you gave me the answer! Thanks, I never heard it before.

  9. Sorry. You sometimes do that when I mess up a word. I didn’t know for sure…

  10. Winegirl says:

    What goes around, comes around. Elliott had it coming. He destroyed the careers and lives of many of the “worker bees” at places like Strong Funds. No matter what you thought of the trangressor honchos at the firms Elliott targeted, it was the workers, the fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, sons and daughters who worked honestly and diligently at firms like Strong who lost everything. Do you think Dick Strong and the like were hurt much? No, they still had millions in their pockets while the rank and file employees lost their jobs. Elliott did nothing but destroy, rather than reform and I’d be glad to see him burn!

  11. Is it just me or is it always a fanatic who gets caught for stuff like this? Maybe the normal guys can hide it better, or maybe there’s a correlation between driven, arrogant men and prostitutes.

  12. Shawn, it isn’t just you. You hit the nail on the head as to the profile of people who are headed for a fall, men and women alike. I’ve seen these types in the corporate world for years. Fate always bites them in the a–. They either slip up and go down in a big way, or they end up sick and dependent on minimum wage workers to change their diapers in a nursing home. People who destroy the lives of innocent people in their quest for power always end up in a bad place eventually.

  13. BrkfldDad says:

    I don’t think it so cut and dry. I can tell you a number of major league yahoos right here in good ole Brookfield, who have destroyed the lives of dozens of folks, yet haven’t gone without a lunch themselves and are doing well. Perhaps the bad place will come when they meet our Maker, but in the meantime they exude their arrogance in public for all to see.

  14. Winegirl says:

    The bad place always comes, sooner or later, for those who live their lives for themselves only, and who think they control the universe. They don’t and they find that out eventually. Sometimes it takes years…Patience, grasshopper—