It’s campaign season

That means Waukesha DA Brad Schimel is pretty busy. When I spoke to him last night he mentioned that he’s come to dread campaign season. He did agree to look at 2nd District Alderman Rick Owen’s campaign literature.

You see, Owen keeps forgetting to put a campaign disclosure on his slick four-colored brochures that his company prints up.

I’m in the middle of a project, so it may be slow today. Why bust my backside so the REAL paper can cherry pick my work? Ah, because it’s fun, that’s why. Besides, I know who paid for that mysterious ad, and a certain reporter still doesn’t.

The Journal Sentinel advertising department maintains the confidentiality of its clients and any client information.

That’s when maintaining good community contacts makes a difference. You’re reading aren’t you? That just means you get to know things before anyone else.


  1. BrkfldDad says:

    And the ad appears full page in today’s BrookfieldNow paper!

  2. I told you to expect that yesterday, remember? The two pieces were bought as a package according to my source.

  3. I noticed at the office today that the ad also appeared in the Wauwatosa Now paper. Is that a way to get extra dollars for the paper for an ad that is meaningless to that community?

  4. It’s probably part of a discount package to include a group of NOW regional papers. I have no idea what the guy paid.